How to change your department within your Workast team

Workast allows teams to have separate departments within your larger organization.  You can have have a separate admin for justyour department, as well as upgrade just your department's Workast plan if you are on the Professional plan.  To qualify to create individual departments within your team, your team must either be on the Professional plan, or have over 100 Workast users. 

To view your department, click on your name in the web app, then select "Preferences."

Your department will be visible under the About Me section.  

Note - teams on older/grandfathered plans may not see a department listed.

To change departments, click on the arrow next to the department name.  You can choose from another existing department, or create a new department.

If you want to change to an existing department, click on that department name.  The admin(s) for that team will receive an email about the user change, however we strongly recommend that there be internal communication within your team before changing departments as it may result in changes in subscription fees.  For information on our plans, click here.

If you want to create a new department, click "Create new department."  A dialogue box will open to allow you to enter the new department information.

Enter the department name and invite team members from your Workast or Slack team if you wish, then click "Create" to create your new department.

New departments are automatically placed on the Essential (free) plan and you will have to fully upgrade to one of our Premium plans to regain Premium status if you had a paid subscription previously.  Previous billing information will not be saved.

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