The new way to manage projects

Eliminate the struggle of getting your team on a new project management tool. Workast connects to your communication channels without the need to sign up to another tool so you can start managing projects right away.


Why manage projects with Workast?

Managing projects doesn’t have to be difficult.

Managing projects doesn’t have to be difficult. Workast makes it super simple for you to manage any type of project. We integrate with your communication tools and apps that you already use so your team members don’t need to sign up to another application.

Spaces are completely customizable so you can create stages for each project based on your needs. Share files, update statuses, assign tasks and set due dates so everyone in the team knows exactly what needs to be done to keep your project moving forward.

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Reasons our customers love Workast for Project Management

See exactly what needs to be done across the project with each list, task and subtasks. Easy to view dashboard with action items for the day.

Track progress

Keep up to date with what is being accomplished with easy to view reports and notifications. Identify any roadblocks your team is having with comments on a task.

Set expectations

Team members know exactly what tasks they have been assigned and when the task is due even when managing more than one task.

Get results

See your project move forward as your team collaborates to complete tasks and goals. Share files, add comments or create more tasks to keep the project up to date.

Trusted by the best teams

“I use Workast within my design team to help manage large scale projects. I can set due dates and allocate the work out to each team member so everyone knows exactly what needs to be done. Workast helps me see everything that is outstanding in an easy to read format and my team actually uses the app too which is always difficult to get them on board. Workast has helped us at Expedia to manage projects and deliver on time!”

Greg Z | Expedia Project Manager