19 Effortless Methods to Express Appreciation to Your Employees

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Building a solid work community is more vital than ever as the way we work changes. Organizations that place a premium on employee belonging and connection, whether to battle burnout, ease the stress of a tough economy, or embrace an inclusive and diverse staff, have a better chance of success. Those that don’t regard their workers fall behind.

Never let your staff feel ignored, especially in difficult times. Even if you have an excellent employee recognition and incentive program, there is always room for improvement. So, if you're looking for new methods to express gratitude, we've got you covered. Also, feel free to be creative with your ideas. Your employees are entitled to more than a simple "thank you." Here are some unique methods to express your gratitude.


Top 19 ways to appreciate your employees 

Here are 19 ideas for turning generic presents into unique corporate gifts that employees are going to appreciate, including suggestions for staff appreciation days, little and large gifts, and suggestions for individuals who work in-office, remotely, or hybrid.

1. Distribute a work reward

Looking for ways to appreciate your employees? Consider distributing work rewards like a first-class upgrade on a flight, vendor's goodie baskets, unique corporate gifts, or hard-to-get restaurant reservations.Additionally, you can utilize a convenient corporate accommodation booking platform to simplify and streamline the process of reserving accommodations, transportation, and other travel-related needs for your team. In the fast-paced corporate world, efficiency is key, so consider employing solutions such as the best moving apps from one device to another to ensure all team members have access to necessary travel information, updates, and platform functionalities, regardless of their location.

2. Surprise your staff with unexpected delights

Inquire about people's favorite foods, whether it's a specific dessert, snack, or meal. Then, surprise them by mailing or personally delivering these treats to their workplace. This thoughtful gesture not only shows your appreciation but also creates memorable and enjoyable moments for your staff to cherish. Remember, small gestures of unexpected delights can have a big impact on employee morale and satisfaction.

3. Distribute modest, customized presents

Show your employees that you appreciate their uniqueness by providing presents that reflect their hobbies. They don't have to be pricey; what matters is that they are personalized. For example, curate a catalog of gift cards from which workers select the present that meant the most to them, including a charity donation.


4. Make a big deal out of occasions like Employee Appreciation Day

Consider personalized presents that are branded and represent your organization. Alternatively, provide employees with a selection of gifts from which they’re able to choose something unique. If you already have a recognition program, a large points deposit significantly impacts if employees save up for a fantastic reward from your award store. Employee appreciation presents include a branded speaker, a watch, kitchenware, and technology.

5. Allow staff to select unique projects

Rewarding employees with additional work seems to appear unusual, but a study shows that participating in a unique project increases an employee's overall job satisfaction by 20%. Allow your personnel to work on particular projects that they like.

6. Begin each meeting with gratitude

Why not kick off a meeting with some lighthearted positivity? Start each meeting by discussing the team's recent successes. Express gratitude for things like going above and above the call of duty, reaching a professional milestone, demonstrating a commitment to business values, outstanding customer service, and other similar behaviors.

7. Provide regular rewards

Company celebrations needn’t have to be extravagant or costly. Indeed, according to the Global Culture Report, paying as little as $50 per person per year influences employee engagement. Frequent recognition is also vital; the optimal practice is to acknowledge staff 35 times yearly or around three times monthly. Symbolic prizes give another avenue for employee appreciation.

8. Give delicious treats 

A delicious dinner or snack is always appreciated, and it's a great way to show appreciation for your team. Treating your employees to their favorite cuisine, whether snacks in the fridge or a team lunch, boosts morale.

Bring doughnuts or pizza for lunch. Such surprise treats go a long way in uniting your office and give everyone a sense of gratitude. Giving your employees free lunch once weekly if they're back at work encourages remote workers to return to work.

9. Appreciate on social media

Don't limit yourself to internal recognition; spotlight your staff on your company's social media handles. This is especially important for giant corporations with employees all around the world.

Some workers crave public acknowledgment, and highlighting their achievements and efforts on social media is an excellent method. Incorporate this kind of acknowledgment into your marketing strategy if you have staff that enjoys being thanked in front of all your followers. However, it’s always better to know your teammates and their preferences first.

10. Provide staff with additional vacation time

Employees require time off to unwind; you need to already have a substantial paid time off (PTO) program in place. Even if you give employees a lot of PTO, a little additional time to themselves is a tremendous motivator. After all, who doesn't like a little more downtime throughout the year?

11. Express gratitude for employee input

Recognizing the value of employee input is vital for cultivating a culture of appreciation. When employees feel heard and see their suggestions being implemented, it motivates them to contribute even more. Conducting regular surveys to gather insights and ideas from your team can be an effective way to collect this valuable input. 

12. Organize activities for the entire workplace

Hosting enjoyable events such as business parties or team trips is a terrific way to express gratitude while strengthening team members' connections. Employee friendships have improved job satisfaction and led to more significant opportunities for fruitful collaboration. Company gatherings are a great place to start building such ties.


13. Commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, and significant anniversaries

Recognize employees' efforts on special days to show appreciation for their commitment and loyalty. Spread the word around the workplace on each employee's anniversary, and express your gratitude for their dedication and service. If you have an in-house staff, decorate the employee's desks with some of their favorite things to show them how much you care.

Celebrate your workers' birthdays, work anniversaries, and other milestones in the office if they are okay with being recognized. Allow the staff some time during the workday to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat cake. When commemorating a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, give the celebrant a special treat, like a floating holiday, to add to the fun. Don’t forget to send them free eCards to mark the occasion as well.

14. Plan a wellness day

Work-life balance has been a hot subject in recent years. Recognizing that professional burnout negatively influences an employee's mental health and productivity has led to the awareness that mental/emotional wellness in the workplace, as well as rest outside of it, is vital. Wellness days demonstrate that your organization recognizes these problems and wants to help people feel their best.

15. Empower employees with gift cards options

Providing gift cards as rewards is an effective way to motivate employees in achieving their goals. Whether it's bank gift cards that function like cash or shop-specific gift cards, these versatile incentives enable employees to choose how they want to use the funds. By offering gift cards as a token of appreciation for their hard work, you provide a simple and cost-effective means to express gratitude while allowing employees the freedom to select rewards that resonate with them.

16. Organize happy hour activities

Who doesn't like complimentary food and beverages? Happy hour events are a terrific way to show your staff some love and encourage bonding between coworkers. Include non-alcoholic drinks to ensure that everyone feels comfortable participating.


17. Schedule a yearly retreat

If finances allow, it's a good idea to have an annual corporate retreat. Ask workers where they want to travel or what activities they want to do on the retreat. Think about making the retreat a yearly tradition if it goes well. These retreats must include work-related activities and plenty of free time for employees to socialize and recharge with one another and the firm. Make certain workplace events optional so workers are able to select only the ones they want to attend.

18. Provide training opportunities 

Training programs and advancement chances are important motivators since many workers want to build their careers with their current employer. Provide top-performing workers with networking and learning opportunities beyond your standard career development program. They also represent your company at these events, allowing you to showcase your finest and brightest staff.

19. Call exclusively to talk

Call your people now and again and talk to them. Not a business-related one-on-one chat, but rather one focused on the person and their personal life and passions. Connect with them on a personal level and be honest. Because, at its core, appreciation is recognizing and respecting someone for who they are.


20. Appreciation makes for a pleasant workplace

Some ways to apreciate seem small, but others do make a big difference in employees' lives. These techniques of demonstrating gratitude enhance morale and retention, saving companies money by reducing employee turnover and improving their ability to recruit and keep top talent. Keep your staff pleased by consistently thanking them for their hard work.

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