Project Management for Teams on Slack

Workast is the new way to manage projects and get more work done

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Get more work done

Workast makes it easy to track and complete work. Our customers have a 70% completion rate when using Workast.

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Easily manage projects

Our customers set up and start managing projects in less than 5 minutes in comparison to popular project management apps. Flexible and customizable for every type of project.

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Embedded in your workflow

Workast is where the work is happening, integrating within your existing workflow to make task creation and user adoption seamless.

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Made for every team

Team members from all departments can easily capture all types of work from daily checklists, high priority tickets to large scale projects. Workast helps teams accomplish more work.

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Your Work Management Platform

Workast connects to the apps that you love and even more with 1,000 integrations
through Zapier.

task management app with slack

Project management tool for Slack. Easily create tasks, assign tasks to team members and set due dates while chatting to your team members. Never miss another task!

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Create and manage work using email and automatically see the tasks in Workast!

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Plan and manage work from your calendar or within Workast with our impressive two way sync.

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Create your own automations and connect with over 1,000 integrations to save you time and money.

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Google Drive

Link files to your tasks and keep all the information in one place and have everything you need to complete your work. .

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Time Tracking

Track the time spent on a task and get a clear overview on the hours spent on a project.

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No more pull request links in tasks! Attach a PR directly into a task and keep the information in sync.

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Connect your Bitbucket repositories with Workast tasks and have all the information in one place

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Trusted by over
100,000 teams on slack
Daci H.
Electronic Arts – Project Lead

“We use Workast for task tracking throughout the day. Visibility has definitely improved and I’ve made it mandatory for my teams to use. Workast is simple to use and maintain.”

Arijit M.
Oracle – Senior Engineer

“I would recommend Workast to others because it is precise, simple and effective. I use Workast to collaboratively create tasks for team members. We work on Social Data analysis and Workast has been very beneficial at managing micro-level tasks.”

Trung L.
Live Nation – Software Engineer

“Productivity has increased significantly. Workast keeps track of what my peers and I need to accomplish and that process pushes us to get work done quicker. I highly recommend Workast, it makes our lives easier.”

Nicolas T.
Expedia – Software Manager

“I have a team of about 20 people who develop several applications and I use Workast to assign tasks to my team as well as remind myself of tasks. It is a nice tool that is evolving quickly in the team. Workast is great with my tech leads and I would definitely recommend it!”