Task Management for Webex

With Workast you can set up projects, create tasks, capture to-dos, set due dates and assign work right from within Webex.

No credit card required.
No credit card required

How it works

add app to webex
1. In a Webex Space click +Apps

Login to Webex desktop application and choose a Space to create tasks in. Click on +Apps.

choose workast
2. Install Tasks by Workast

From the Apps list, find Tasks by Workast and select the app to install Workast to the Webex space.

enter email
3. Use Webex account email to login

Use your Webex account email to create an account with Workast. No extra passwords set up required.


Create tasks directly in Webex

Workast is the only app you need to manage teamwork in Webex. Easily create tasks in a Webex space, assign the task and set a due date all at once.

Switch to Messages in Webex to continue the conversation.

Team members know exactly what work needs to be done and is reminded of their tasks within Webex.

Visualize projects in Webex

Manage your projects and tasks in a beautiful board view. Manage task cards on the board, move tasks from one list to another, complete a task and assign it to a team member.

Board view

Get started today

Workast is the task management app for Webex teams. Get started in less than 30 seconds. No credit card required.

Manage project deadlines

Use the Workast calendar to manage project deadlines for your team and ensure tasks are always completed.

See all the tasks due for the day, week or month with the Workast calendar view in a Webex space.

Plan tasks for your team, manage workload, change deadlines and more with the flexibility of the Workast calendar view.

Calendar view

Easy to use timeline

Task management made easy with the flexibility of a timeline to chronologically view all the work that your team needs done from within a Webex space.

Timeline view

Get teamwork sorted

Start managing your teamwork today with Workast. Install Workast and get up and running in less than a minute.

Completed view

Completed tasks

Complete tasks directly from a Webex space with the click of a button. View all the tasks your team has completed simply within the Webex space.

Get greater visibility of teamwork and productivity levels with Workast in Webex.

Reminders and Notifications

Never worry about missed deadlines with automatic reminders for team members when they are assigned a task. Task management made easy with Workast in Webex.

Notifications are sent directly from within Webex.


Get started now

Install Workast to your Webex space and start organizing your team work today.