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With Workast you can set up projects, create tasks, capture to-dos, set due dates and assign work right from your conversation.

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How it works

install workast to slack
1. Install Workast to Slack

Install Workast to your Slack account and in less than 1 minute, get your team up and running - no invites, separate passwords or accounts. Everyone in your Slack workspace gets access to Workast, instantly.

create tasks in slack channels
2. Create tasks in Slack channels

There are many ways to create tasks in Slack.

Create tasks using our /todo command, the shortcut button or convert any Slack message into a Workast task.

automatically conected and synced
3. Automatically connected and synced

See all your tasks in Slack and in Workast.

Tasks created in a Slack channel are automatically synced with Workast and can be viewed in both places.

Create tasks using /todo in a channel

Create tasks directly in Slack

Workast is the only app you need to manage work in Slack. Easily create tasks in Slack when having a conversation by typing /todo. Create a task, assign the task and set a due date all at once.

Create tasks using /todo in a channel

A checklist inside of Slack

See all your tasks for your team in Slack in an easy to use checklist. Easily complete a task, assign it to a team member and keep everyone up to date with what needs to be done.


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Workast is rated #1 in task management in the Slack marketplace. Join 100,000 other companies today.

Manage teamwork in Slack

Supercharge your Slack workspace with Workast so you can manage teamwork directly in Slack channels and keep your team organized.

Easily view, complete, edit and manage tasks in a Slack channel by typing / todo list. This will show all the tasks in that Slack channel.

Want more advanced features? Simply open Workast and manage all your teamwork in board or list view.

Notifications conveniently through Slack

Updates and notifications directly in Slack

Workast sends all task updates and reminders through Slack so you can keep your email inbox free of clutter. No need to keep switching between email and Slack to see the progress of a project - notifications where you need them.

Notifications conveniently through Slack

Get teamwork sorted

Start managing your teamwork today with Workast. Install Workast and get up and running in less than a minute.


Complete custom forms in Slack

Streamline how you receive work by creating a customized form in Workast.

Team members can complete the form from within Slack and a task is automatically created in Workast.

A new step in the Slack Workflow Builder

Already creating workflows in Slack?

With Workast you can “Create a Task” and connect this step to existing workflows to take your automation one step further.

workflow builder
slack enterprise support

Slack Enterprise Support

Many large organizations with multiple Slack workspaces like IBM, American Express and Intuit have rolled out Workast to their employees, easily and securely.

If you have a custom SSO we support it out of the box in our Essential plan.

We automatically do user provisioning and deprovisioning keeping your Slack users in sync with Workast. Book a meeting to discuss enterprise features in more detail.


Harriet Chan
"Workast allows us to manage our technical team around the world. Workast can assign tasks, track what needs to be accomplished, streamline business processes, run meetings, and gain visibility all at once."

Harriet ChanCocofinder - Marketing Director

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