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Up to 5 Users

Up to 5 Users

5 GB total storage

3 Integrations

3 Templates

30 day task search

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USD Per user, per month
billed annually

$9.95 $7.95 billed monthly

Pay As You Grow

10 GB storage / user

2 way calendar sync with Google, iCloud, Office, Outlook and Exchange

Unlimited integrations

Unlimited templates

Unlimited task search

Download search results to CSV

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USD Per user, per month
billed annually

$19.95 $14.95 billed monthly

Upgrade only your team or department

Everything that is included in the StartUp plan

50 GB storage / user

99.95% Service Level Agreement

Personalized onboarding and training

Priority support

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Custom plans for large orgnizations

Support for Slack Grid

Data exports and governance

Advanced cross team reporting and resource allocation

Activity logs

100 GB storage / user

Service Level Agreement

Custom security preferences

Dedicated Account Manager

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Features for all Plans:
  • Integration with Slack

  • Email Integration

  • Unlimited Spaces

  • Unlimited Custom Lists

  • Unlimited Tasks

  • Unlimited Subtasks

  • Kanban Board View

  • Calendar view for each Space

  • Calendar view for assigned tasks

  • Assign one or many people to tasks

  • Templates for common tasks

  • Recurring tasks

  • Due dates and reminders

  • Comments on tasks

  • Follow a task

  • Custom Tags

  • Advanced searching and reporting

  • Attachments and files to tasks

  • Team administration dashboard and management

  • Connect to +1000 apps with Zapier

  • API access


Which plan is right for me?2019-01-22T14:10:46-07:00

Free: Choose this plan if you are a small team (fewer than 5 members) or if you would like to try Workast before rolling out to your organization. If you feel that Workast is the right solution for your team/organization of 5+ members, you can easily upgrade to one of our premium plans.

Startup: Choose this plan if you are a smaller organization/startup, that wants to pay for users of Workast on a single billing account as needed. You pay for the users who are using Workast. Only one payment method is accepted for all users.

Business: Choose this plan if you are a medium-large organization that needs to separate billing into teams. You can pay for a minimum of 5 team members in one team. You can choose which users for which you would like to pay.

Enterprise: Choose this plan if you are a larger organization that needs annual contracts with Workast. Best for larger companies of 500+ employees.

What is a user?2019-01-22T14:11:02-07:00

A user is anyone in your team that has used Workast. By using Workast, you would have taken action such as creating a task, creating a Space, using Workast in Slack, assigning a task, getting a task assigned, completed a task, updating a due date, logging into Workast, clicking on a task link, adding a comment to a task and more.

How do I remove a user from my account?2019-01-22T14:11:17-07:00

You can deactivate the user from your account by clicking on your avatar, then clicking on ‘Manage Team’. Find the user and then click on the three dots on the right and click on ‘Deactivate’. More info here

By deactivating a user from Workast, it means they will no longer have access to Workast. You can reactivate the user following the same steps above.

Can I only upgrade my team or a subset of users?2019-01-22T14:11:33-07:00

Yes you can choose to upgrade only your team or subset of users in your workplace by choosing the Business Plan. You will need a minimum of 5 users to choose this plan. If you have less than 5 users but only want to upgrade a subset of your team, you will still be charged for 5 users.

You can choose the users you want to upgrade when you select the Business Plan.

Do you offer free trials of Workast?2019-01-22T14:11:48-07:00

You can use the product for free for up to 5 Active Users. If you have more than 5 Active Users monthly your team will be charged the premium rate stated above.

What is the difference between annual and monthly pricing?2019-01-22T14:12:11-07:00

Annual pricing means you will pay for each Workast users for 12 months. Any new users that join Workast after payment has been made will be charged at the annual rate.

Monthly pricing means you will pay for each Workast per month, at the monthly rate. Any new users that join Workast after payment has been made will be charged at the monthly rate.

What methods of payment do you accept?2019-01-22T14:12:25-07:00

We accept all major credit cards for payment.

(*) Premium features currently under private beta