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Light task management for Slack teams.

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Flat fee, billed monthly

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$7.95 billed monthly

Essential plus basic project management features.

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Manage long term projects and advanced customization.

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Our Plans Essential Standard Pro Enterprise
Tasks 30 day retention Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Meetings 30 day retention Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Notes 30 day retention Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 100mb 1 GB / User 5 GB / User 10 GB / User
Support Help Center Email & Chat Email & Chat Dedicated account manager
Slack integration
Email integration
Public Spaces
3rd party integrations (Zapier, Bitbucket, Google Drive)
iOS and Android apps
Board view
Calendar view
Custom lists
Quick search
Advanced search
Custom reports and reminders
Export reports to CSV
Private spaces
2-way calendar sync
Guest users
Upgrade only your department
Custom tags
Time tracking
Support for multiple workspaces
Advanced cross team reporting and resource allocation
Activity logs
Custom security preferences

Which plan is right for me?2020-11-09T14:30:21-08:00

Essential Plan

Workast’s starting plan. The Essential plan is for individuals and small teams that want to manage their projects within Slack and Workast, or large teams that are just getting started with Workast and want to try it before upgrading to another plan.

Features: The Essential plan allows teams to create and assign tasks to one another, upload small files, view tasks in Workast and Slack, integrate Workast with 3rd party applications, etc.

Billing: On the Essential plan Workast users are free.

Standard Plan

Workast’s basic paid plan. The Standard plan is for teams that want a project management platform that will grow with the organization.

Features: The Standard plan allows teams to do everything on the Essential plan, as well as utilize additional features and functionality including: advanced search, custom reports and reminders, export to CSV, private spaces, 2 way calendar sync and guest users.

Billing: On the Standard plan teams are charged for each Workast user in that team.

Professional Plan

Workasts advanced paid plan. The Professional plan is for teams that need more advanced project management features and functionality.

Features: The Professional plan allows teams to do everything on the Standard Plan as well as utilize additional features including: subtasks, cost centers, custom tags, templates, time tracking and task dependencies.

Billing: On the Professional plan teams are charged are charged for each Workast user in that team.

Enterprise Plan

Workasts most advanced plan. The Enterprise plan is for teams in larger organizations with multiple Slack workspaces and/or additional security requirements.

Features: The Enterprise plan allows teams to do everything on the Professional plan as well as utilize additional features including: advanced administrative controls, Slack Grid support.

Billing: Contact us for billing questions.

What does 30 day retention mean?2020-11-09T14:22:00-08:00

Tasks, notes and meetings that you create will be visible for 30 days. Once a task, note or meeting (either completed or active) is older than 30 days old on the Essential plan, it will be archived. Archived tasks, notes and meetings are not deleted, but Essential teams lose access to them. Upgrading to any of the paid plans will restore the archived tasks, notes and meetings.

What is a Workast user?2020-11-09T14:31:31-08:00

A Workast user is any Slack user that: logs into Workast and/or uses Workast to create a task, list, or space; uses Workast in Slack; assigns or is assigned a task; completes, updates, comments on, or modifies a task; or takes any other similar actions.

Do you offer nonprofit rates?2020-11-05T14:15:38-08:00

Yes, for qualifying teams. Please complete this form here and add proof or your tax exempt status.

How do I remove a Workast user from my account?2020-11-09T14:32:44-08:00

A Workast administrator can deactivate any Workast user through the admin dashboard. Click here to learn how. 

Can I add additional members to my team after choosing a plan?2020-11-09T14:33:53-08:00

Yes, you can add additional Workast users to your team at anytime. Learn how here. 

Do I have to upgrade my entire Slack account or can I upgrade just my team?2020-11-09T14:42:43-08:00

No you do not have to upgrade your entire Slack workspace. Not all Slack users are Workast users (see “What is a Workast user?“). On the Professional plan, you can create a department for your team only and pay for select users. This is only supported in the Professional plan under cost centers.

What counts towards my Workast plan’s storage limit?2019-12-03T10:21:39-08:00

All of your Workast account’s data counts towards your plan’s storage limits, though, most storage is consumed by attachments and rich data files.

How do I upgrade or change my Workast plan?2020-06-18T10:54:21-07:00
Do you offer free trials?2020-11-05T14:24:09-08:00

Yes, for qualifying teams. Just click here to complete the free trial request form. 

What is the difference between a Workast user and a guest?2020-11-09T14:49:18-08:00

Workast users are Slack users that take one of several actions in Workast or Slack (see “What is a Workast user?“). Workast guests are Workast users with restricted access to their Workast account. Guests are charged at the same rate as a Workast user and is only available on paid plans. Learn more about guest accounts here. 

What is the difference between monthly and annual pricing?2020-11-09T14:50:54-08:00

Workast teams that choose annual billing will be charged the stated rate per user for the year term upfront. Workast users that join the team in between annual terms will be charged a prorated annual rate.

Workast teams that choose monthly billing will be charged the stated rate per user for the month term upfront. Workast users that join the team in between monthly terms will be charged a prorated monthly rate.

What if I add or remove a Workast user in the middle of a monthly or annual term?2020-11-09T14:54:19-08:00

If a new Workast user is added to a Workast account in the middle of the term and remains active on the account for greater than 2 days, then that user is added to the team and the account is charged the pro-rated amount of that user’s fees for the remainder of the term. 

If a Workast user is removed from a Workast account in the middle of the term, then that user’s fees are credited for the remaining time left on that user’s term to the Workast account. All credits will be applied automatically to any future charges to that Workast account. We do not provide refunds of any charges.

Does Workast offer student rates?2020-11-09T14:55:47-08:00

Qualifying student teams are eligible for a discounted student plan. Complete this form to apply for student rates. 

What methods of payment do you accept?2020-11-09T15:01:42-08:00

We accept all major credit cards for monthly and annual plans, and ACH for annual plans. 

Do you offer refunds?2020-11-09T15:22:33-08:00

We do not offer refunds.

How do I cancel my paid subscription?2020-06-18T09:18:51-07:00

Your paid subscription of Workast can be cancelled when you login to your account. Learn more here