4 Reasons the Office Space Is Important for Team Productivity

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on May 30#business-tips
4 Reasons the Office Space Is Important for Team Productivity

With the rise of remote working, most organizations are debating on the need to have an office space. After all, dispersed teams are proving effective and less expensive to manage. However, the need for an office space is very fundamental for the growth of the organization. Having a functional office gives your business an identity and enhanced value.

This can be instrumental in attracting customers and top talents. Moreover, if you are focused on improving productivity, nothing beats bringing team members together to work in proximity. If you are wondering how an office space is important in enhancing productivity, read on to find out four reasons it is.

1.      Encourages collaboration

Teamwork is crucial for overall productivity. However, it can be hard to achieve teamwork without team collaboration. Moreover, it is easier to forge collaboration when team members are working in proximity with each other. For starters, working together encourages socialization and frequent communication.

You can find two people who might otherwise not work together warming up to each other and creating a bond just by working in close proximity. This way, employees are able to form meaningful relationships with each other, which make working together as a team easier.

If you have people working remotely, it is important to have an office space where you can get together a few days in a week for enhanced teamwork. Consider utilizing offices for rent if you don’t want to incur the whole cost of furnishing the office. The good thing is that offices for rent are growing in popularity. You can easily find one where you are.

For instance, if you are in Nashville, you can find an office space in Nashville that meets your needs. Besides getting a fully equipped office, you will be exposing your team to a community of other professionals. They can network and learn from other people outside your organization, knowledge that they can leverage to improve productivity. 

2.      It makes it easier to focus

The need for a defined workplace for increased productivity can’t be over emphasized. Once employees enter into the office, the mind registers that it is a place for work. This makes it easier to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Support this by providing a quiet and relaxed office space. Moreover, encourage employees to clean their workspaces to avoid clutter that might end up cluttering their minds as well.

In addition, an office space allows easier access for all the tools that employees need in completing tasks.  This means that employees can focus better at their work since they don’t have to keep going up and down to find what they need.

3.      Saves time

While advanced technology provides opportunities for connecting and collaborating while working from different locations, it isn’t always reliable. Think of a scenario where you send an email to a person working in a different time zone. You might have to wait several hours to get a reply.

Latency issues, irregular connections and other technological issues can impede the effectiveness of virtual meetings. This can mean a few minutes or even days delay to get vital information to get work done. On the other hand, such things can be unheard of when everyone is working in the same office. Asking questions and clarifications is as simple as walking to the next cubicle or down the hall.

4.      Enhances creativity and innovation

You can agree that the best ideas are birthed in random discussions and spontaneous meetings. The best brainstorming sessions are never planned. They happen naturally when team members are on coffee breaks talking about random things.

The office space provides the perfect environment for this. Happy hours, breakout rooms and other ways that bring colleagues together inspire creativity and motivate knowledge sharing. This boosts a culture of innovative minds that create the best products for the market.


While teamwork is possible when working remotely, it is more feasible when working together in the office space. Face-to-face interactions go a long way in helping build trust and good working relationships among colleagues.

In addition, it is easier to cultivate a sense of shared mission when employees see each other every other day. As a result, you can see improved collaboration and creativity. Additionally, an office space provides a dedicated working space for your employees and also saves time to meet set deadlines.

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