5 Best SEO Automation Tools for Effective Time Management

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Gaining exposure and interest on the Internet is particularly hard for businesses that occupy highly competitive niches. The state of affairs is not any easier for SMB’s, where speed‑to‑market is crucial and tight budgets.

The right choice of SEO tools paired with a sound content marketing strategy plays an essential role in both cases.

The following tools will prove helpful in expanding the SEO capabilities of a sizable growing business or a newly founded start-up. Save your Internet marketing team hundreds of thousands of hours while improving the success metrics at the same time!

SE Ranking


Of all the tools on this list, SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO and digital marketing software with the most accurate keyword database and powerful SEO tools to track your rankings, do keyword and competitor research, improve your site’s health, check your backlinks, and more. SE Ranking combines at least a dozen useful functions in one place, which is a virtue in itself.

Whether you are a lone professional who wants to take it up a notch or a business owner who has a lot to manage, it will serve you well.

Keyword ranking across all mainstream search engines

SE Ranking keyword position tracker delivers detailed intelligence on the rank of certain keywords across Google, including Maps and SERP features, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex, along with additional data like search volume or traffic forecast. The tool also allows you to monitor your competitors’ ranking and competitors across the mentioned search engines. 

Complete website audit

All the tiny little details that are so easy to miss are going to be immediately visible on a single beginner-friendly dashboard after you run an automated audit. There, you will also see your website health score calculated based on technical issues on your website and how critical they are. A missing heading or title will no longer make Google crawler upset, and 404 pages or slow speed will no longer be an issue for your website visitors.

Backlink monitoring

If you have plenty of backlinks, you can upload them into this tool and check whether those links are still there. It will also show the necessary backlink stats (like anchor text, referring regions, backlink numbers, indexation status, etc.) and the change dynamics, dofollow/nofollow ratio, and other details concerning the links and the referring domains.

Marketing Plan

If you don’t know where to start your online promotion, use its SEO marketing plan, which offers a step-by-step checklist to see what needs to be done to optimize your website and how to do this. You can also add your own tasks there.

Other features

Besides the mentioned tools, SE Ranking features even more advanced ones. It even aids you in starting your own SEO agency together with their products, without any obligation to mention their brand (White-Label feature).

With such an impressive set of features (and the sheer number of them), SE Ranking is very flexible regarding pricing. Order the package that fits your scale; pay as often or as seldom as you want. In addition, there are plenty of freebies.



For those of you who have to manage high-budget marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, Morphio will come in handy.

Pay-per-click campaign efficiency analysis

This feature includes performance prediction based on the previous data, various chart-based comparison tools, and improvement suggestions. The calculation method involved is not some simplistic linear model; for example, it takes seasonal fluctuations into account and feeds the data into its neural network.

Ultimately, you can focus on the most efficient ad campaigns and discard those that yield insignificant returns.

Ad budget monitoring

The daily ad expenditures are not always in your direct control, so Morphio will aggregate and display the expenditure data from all the linked platforms and compare it against the set budgets.

The ads that yield no returns will be excluded automatically.

Target audience analysis on the go

The audience segments that demonstrate the highest conversion rate will be highlighted so that you can optimize user experience for a particular device, locale, age, gender, and so on.

Landing page monitoring

Each different product requires its own landing page. Whenever one of your ads leads to a page that is unavailable for some reason (404 error code), Morphio will display a notification.



Perfect keywords and credible backlinks are important to make your website visible on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Content is king, but the back-end performance of the website should not be disregarded, especially if it is filled with animations, javascript, or otherwise carries out intensive computations. The low performance will ruin your ranking.

Performance analysis

A1QA Quality Assurance team makes sure that the loading time of your pages is optimal so that the users do not notice any lag when working with your website.

How else do you make the website genuinely useful and ensure that users stay on it longer and buy your services?

External application testing

Develop a robust and safe API, which, of course, will need professional testing before deployment. Give A1QA services a thought if you plan on developing external applications for your website. The websites that target multiple platforms and process loads of data will greatly benefit from the A1QA team’s help, too.

Cross-platform compatibility testing

Targeting mainstream browsers (like Chrome) is all well and good, but denying the users the opportunity to access a website’s features in full if they use Firefox or Opera may cost you more than 6% of the target audience. For a large-scale business, refusing potential revenue from an audience this big would cost much more than sustaining a remote QA team provided by A1QA.


Finally, if any repetitive manual labor is involved in your website’s maintenance, A1QA may help you automate it. Needless to say, it cuts on the project expenses and saves your team hundreds of hours of work long-term.

Keep in mind that your Project Manager must regularly and frequently contact the testing team to yield the best possible results from the collaboration.



YourAmigo positions itself as an AI-powered enhancement to your content marketing strategy. No need to abandon the tools you already use or tweak the general workflow in any way. What it does is filter out ultra-long non-branded keywords relevant to your niche: the keywords for which there is little to no competition.

Target them, and your website will pop up in the search results whenever a similar query is entered in the search bar.

Traceable growth of revenue and engagement

YourAmigo’s Customer Analytics Console immediately displays the extra profits the tool brings you. The developers promise a 3-25% revenue increase in the first few weeks of use without harming your website’s performance.

Dynamic Testing Platform

This particular tool gives marketers the freedom to try out different page layouts, banner placements, and other ideas without the need to involve their web development teams.

Real-Time Stock Handling

This tool synchronizes with the client’s online store to fetch the good’s availability and price data, and it offers the closest product match if a sought-after one is out of stock. It creates an extra opportunity to make a sale.

Out-of-the-box data-driven contextual ads

YourAmigo collects data about related products often bought in bundles. It displays the respective offers on your website. It provably boosts revenue and adds value to your customers.



Awario offers a way to meaningfully engage with people who talk about your brand on the web. The underlying approach is simple: find all the brand mentions and react to selected ones to improve the overall relations with (potential) customers and increase positive brand awareness.

Upon closer inspection, Awario brand mention analysis produces the following data:

Where your brand is mentioned geographically.

The languages your brand is featured in.

Whether or not the mentions are supported by the links back to the brand’s official website (or any other websites).

Which emotions are present in the context.

The key themes that accompany the brand, via the Topic Cloud.

All of this could be easily applied to your competitor’s brand to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

You might be wondering how it is possible to react to all of the mentions on social media. Awario developers have you covered. The comments gaining the most attention are shown first to prevent the criticism of your service from going viral or properly reward a customer who is helping you promote the brand with their SM profile.

All of the communication does not have to be done by hand. Give the loyal customers a thankful nod with the help of some automation magic.


All things considered, at some point, your business has to adopt advanced SEO tools and automation practices.

As a rule, these tools are easy to start working with (via the trial plan and live support) and include performance metrics that clearly demonstrate their usefulness.

This concludes our overview of the best time-saving SEO tools! Good luck and see you around!

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