5 Best Time Management Techniques in 2023

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5 Best Time Management Techniques in 2023

Running chores through the clock doesn't produce productive outcomes. In order to be productive yet efficient in your tasks and thrive to get positive results, you need to have a hold on your time management abilities. Doing things mindlessly will leave you unorganized and overwhelmed by not completing tasks on time. When you schedule your tasks in the right order or as per your rules and principles, you will master completing tasks on time. So, it is imperative to say that business success depends on how you manage your time and tasks assigned.

In this article, different entrepreneurs discuss some quick tips, techniques, and tools to manage your time efficiently.


What Is Time Management?

You might have heard the proverb, 'Time is money." When you deep dive into its context, it can actually be translated into wealth when used properly. Time management is the act of maintaining a schedule according to your routine. For example, effective management allows us to schedule our days in the right order while not compromising on work-life balance. When you write down and segment your tasks into bits, you can accomplish them more quickly. This is how time management works. 

So, it revolves around choices, e.g., what you need, when you need it, and how you can achieve it to reach your business goals. Accommodating them in the right order will help you reach your goals quickly. There are several tools and techniques you can choose to streamline your time management. 

Best Time Management Techniques

We will discuss effective time management techniques so you can try to get more productive outcomes.


This is a universally recognized time management move you can try to reduce stress and do effective planning. First introduced by Francesco Cirillo, this technique involves the 25/5 rule. This rule is defined as setting an alarm for 25 minutes and focusing on work without any distraction. When the alarm goes off, take a 5-minute break. Repeat this cycle four times, and the fifth time, take a 20-minute break.

William Kemper, CEO of Kemper DMD said, Pomodoro can resolve your time management issues. For example, skipping breaks, scheduling, and multitasking. This is the most effective strategy for both on-premise and remote work. It helps in setting priorities, avoiding distraction, keeping focus, and saying no when working.


Adam Wood, Cofounder of RevenueGeeks use Kanban as a time management tool. Kanban is a visual way of managing your time using project management tools. You can either use a pen or paper, a white board, or simply a tool. Using one or all of these resources will help you visualize your project's stages. You can create columns and rows and determine the number of stages in your projects.

Your columns and sections could include backlog, to-do, in-progress, and done. Segmenting and moving your tasks through these sections will give you visibility into your project's progress and status.

This graphical time management technique helps you keep track of your tasks and label them differently. Originating in Japan in the 1960s, this technique has now been used globally and proved effective in increasing productivity. Using this technique improves skills related to planning, SMART goals, task delegation, and others.

Eat the Frog 

It sounds rough, but that is how it works. Eating the frog technique means completing tasks that need the most attention, said Jessica Shee, Manager of iBoysoft. It promotes setting priorities during projects. You choose the most important task or pick the worst one to settle it down first. When you eat the frog, you may move forward, but not without completing it first.

This is an effective and useful move, as it requires tackling the most difficult task first. It means you can't avoid it and move on without completing it first. Ideal for abstract thinkers and people with long-term goals. 


Timeboxing is another useful technique for those who consume enough time to complete their tasks. For this, timeboxing techniques create strong deadlines. This time management strategy helps you allocate your time into small activities with defined deadlines. You are allowed to take breaks, but you cannot move away without completing those tasks by their deadline.

It is great to tackle a large number of small tasks. You can handle them with ease while having deadlines. It requires focus on single tasks and doesn't encourage multi-tasking.

Time Blocking 

Successful leaders spend more than 80 hours a week at work, yet they manage to strike a work-life balance. Elon Musk is a great example of it. This time management technique starts the moment you wake up. Get your things, tasks, and chores in a time bracket. Tasks like going to the office, gym, eating lunch, watching series, and so on and so forth. All you need to do is assign each time block in your day to a task. 

You can use a tool or paper. Make two columns, write each hour of the day, and divide into chunks like an hour or half. Anticipate how long each task will take to complete. Add spare hours so that you can adjust any tasks that took more time than mentioned in the blocks, shared by Brandon Rubinshtein, Founder of Howdy.

Best Time Management Tools 

If you are juggling timely deliveries and completing tasks on time, these tools will be useful for you.









Keep Track of Your Time For Greater Outputs 

Manage your time effectively to achieve productive yet effective results. Use the techniques and tools mentioned above to streamline your task sheet and optimize team productivity. Using time management tools helps you get better and clearer visibility into your project status. Moreover, when you are able to finish tasks on time or by deadline, it will enhance your company's bottom line. Not only will time management make you proactive professionally, but you'll be better at handling your personal chores as well.

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