6 Ways to Build Trust on Your Team

on May 03#best-practices

Without trust, your team likely will be in a state of disarray. And building trust within a team is tricky and requires a variety of skills. And as the saying goes, "A team is only as strong as the weakest link." Trust is a tricky skill to develop, and easily broken. Learning how to build, earn, or regain trust are important skills for both your personal and professional development. Being able to build, keep, and maintain trust within the people you interact with on a day-to-day basis is a worthy skill to learn.

Here are some tips and tricks to building and earning trust the right way.

Cancel "Mean Girls"

Develop a culture that doesn't have Regina's and Cady's. If there are cliques on your team you will have a hard time staying united. Your team should know that your all a team. A team of friends, colleagues, and partners and that everyone should be treated equally. A culture of kinship, and friendship, and even distribution of workload is a way to help achieve this. When teams are all working together towards a common goal, with respect for one another - this is where teams thrive.

Listen not, lose yes

If you fail to listen, you're listening to fail. When you are communicating with your team make sure you practice active listening. There is a difference between being able to respond to a question or comment, and internalizing and pondering the topic on hand. If you haven't been the best listener in the past, don't worry. Listening is a skill that can be developed. Practice your active listening skills. Try to really hear what the other person is saying before crafting a response. As you develop and improve your listening skills, you'll notice benefits in both your personal and professional life as well.

Remove camouflage

We've all heard that transparency is the best way to lead and manage a team. Because it's the truth. As a leader, your teams want to know what is happening. Nobody likes unexpected surprises or to feel like you don't know what direction you are going. By being honest and upfront during any situation you will be able to show your team they know what to expect from you.

Ask the questions

Every person on your team likely has knowledge in an area that you are unaware of. Invite the idea of ideas. Be open to feedback and new ideas. Ask your team questions on what they see could be different or improved. Where do they think you could add a service line or product? How is the workflow management software you're using compared to Trello? By creating a culture of feedback and the exception of ideas your team will know that they're heard and valued.

Play more

The cliche of "All work and no play, is no good for anyone" is in fact the truth. A good way to get to know each other, build rapport, and trust is to incorporate play. Whether you get together and do an escape room together, or play virtual games on Zoom, building in a culture of fun into your teams is important. Nobody wants to be serious all the time, sometimes it's good to relax, get a breather, and have some laughs.

Praise more

Everybody likes hearing positive feedback about their contributions. To encourage and grow your trust levels on your team, make sure you are giving enough praise. Positive encouragement enables team members to keep learning, progressing, and develop their skills. Plus, it lets them know that you see their contributions and value. Give praise where praise is earned.

How do you build trust on your team? We'd love to hear your strategies. Send us a line or drop us a tweet for your chance to be featured on our blog.

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