7 Fun Engaging Games and Activities for your Employees 

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Organizations are opting for a more liberal approach to make their employees happy in the current business world. It has become quite significant to plan something fun for the employees to keep their spirit alive. It would be best to have a true sense of fellowship among your employees to get the best out of them. People think that these fun employee engagement activities are a part of only big organizations. But, the truth is that small enterprises have also started encouraging these small activities in their offices. 

There are various games and extra-curricular activities that can boost the morale of your employees. With these staff engagement game ideas, you can assist speed up the process and foster a more vital link and sense of cooperation at work. If you're organizing a staff development day in the future, consider breaking it up with some fun and games. Here, we are mentioning down top 8 fun activities that can cheer up the confidence of your staff.

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1. Name Each Other

One exciting game can be when you put everyone's name in a hat and divide your personnel into teams. Each side must take turns drawing a name and describing that specific employee using words.

As the game moves ahead, you can make it more difficult by limiting the description to one word. Everyone will get the opportunity to relax, unwind, and get to know one another better. This can be fun and a great medium for the several departments to know each other.

2. Organize Karaoke 

Karaoke is also a fun activity that sometimes brings out the different sides of your employees. You can motivate yourself by saying that it's time to shine, or at the very least try to shine. Start going to the stage first to cheer up and have a fun time. Sometimes, it can be embarrassing for yourself with a round of karaoke, but you'll get a lot closer to your team. Now, ask them to take over the stage and sing for others.

3. Cooking Competition

This is one of the everyday activities that you will see in organizations. For this, you need to allow people to sign up to be cooks or judges. A round-robin event will be held for the chefs. They must create refreshments for the judges using things found in the office break area. Each battle will include two rounds: a savory round and a sweet round. The cooking competitions will go on until a winner has been determined. It brings out some talent in your employees and encourages them to participate more in the office.

4. Part-time Training Courses

If you want to encourage your team members and enhance their skills, doing part-time courses is the perfect option. You can ask them to enroll their names in the training programs available on online platforms. Mini MBA online is one of the popular part-time training courses amongst the working staff.

Doing an MBA helps raise their knowledge, and they can build employee relationships on online platforms with each other. Suppose members from the same team participate in one course then, they can make a much closer bond.

5. Story-Telling Sessions

You need to make little chits of paper with trigger words and place them all in a bowl. You can use phrases like First office day, last working day, first salary, etc., can be used as trigger words to bring up past employment experiences for employees. You may keep it low-key by creating a fake campfire in one of your conference rooms. 

Also, you can spice up the excitement by booking an open campfire at a resort or on the beach. The game begins with each employee picking a word from the bowl and narrating an incident from their life that comes to mind when they read the word.

6. Online Programmes for Employees

Many organizations have started organizing sessions to encourage their employees to get online PMP certification as per their qualifications. If your staff includes some project managers, then it can be a good alternative to enroll in these project management professional certifications. You can also mention that depending on their job position; they could do some training online. These training programs will surely upgrade their performance levels.

7. Trivia Night

Trivia is also one of the fun games that you can play with your staff. Form teams in the office and throw a trivia night. Each team will have a chance to win a point if they are the first to answer a question correctly. Hold multiple rounds, removing the section with the lowest score at the end of each game until only two teams remain. Now ask the most challenging questions until the last round and announce the winners with some exciting prices.


So, these are some popular games and activities that you can organize for your employees to cheer up the business environment. It's your time to take the lead and introduce these activities to your employees to evaluate how they improve employee engagement. Your efforts will be rewarded as your team begins to function as a unit.

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