7 Modern Day Challenges Of Digital Marketers And How To Overcome Them

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Digital Marketing is tough- no matter what one says! Social media engagement and management? Mobile Indexing? Page ranking? Generating leads? The needs under digital marketing just go on and on. 

However, you cannot imagine running a recent business without an effective digital marketing strategy. Whether you have an eCommerce store online or a service website and want to grab clients, digital marketing is necessary.

Digital marketing is a broader aspect that includes everything from the basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Content strategy, creation, and optimization to creating online advertisements on various platforms. 

The main motto of online marketing is to create brand or business awareness, bring more engagement and customers or visitors to the website and even more so, generate more revenue and sales. And excelling in all the things at the same time seems quite impossible to me.

 If you’re also facing the same struggles and feeling lost, don’t worry. You’re not alone, most of the digital marketers are going through the same. 

I’m gonna share the 7 modern-day challenges that are haunting all the marketers and what could be the solutions to make your life easier.

7 Digital Marketing Challenges That Marketers Face

In today's world, we see a new trend or new algorithm working every other day. Therefore, marketers need to be up to date with their marketing techniques and strategies to ensure healthy digital marketing services to their clientele or their own business. So, here are some of the common and bigger challenges faced by digital marketers and how to overcome them.

1. Inability to Stand Out In The Crowd.

Since so many businesses are booming every day, it is normal for your product or services to get lost in the crowd. But you can prevent this from happening by creating an absolutely attractive digital marketing strategy that is fully customized for your clientele. 

You not only convey the right message but convey it to the right people at the right time. All this can be achieved by ensuring using the filtered data. 

Talk about what is unique in your particular product or service that makes your brand stand out in the crowd of competitors.

2. Driving Genuine Traffic And Leads

According to a report from Hubspot, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge.

One who knows how to work upon the SEO strategies can surely drive a huge amount of traffic to the website. But, it is all useless until the traffic on the website benefits us in a manner. 

To ensure you attract the right audience I would urge you to create a buyer persona based on market research, surveys, and collecting details from your existing buyers. 

Now that you have the knowledge of your ideal customer, you can try to create valuable content by yourself, or you can even refer to any assignment writing service of your choice. It's up to you, but these services are not only adept at crafting original essays and papers but are also qualified to assist in creating website content that resonates with your target audience. Moreover, they can even contribute to enhancing your email marketing strategy, ensuring that your communications are engaging and tailored to your customer's needs. By doing so, you can effectively create content that adds value and attracts more customers. In addition, you can do the following to get more traffic and lead generation: 

Create lead magnet

Make your landing page more engaging

Maintain device friendly website

A good email marketing strategy is also great to help here

Analyze your well-performing pages and update your strategies accordingly.

3. Understanding The Tools

Every marketer is using tools to make the work simple. But these days there are many tools available in the market to get a single work done. A marketer has to go through the confusion of which tool will benefit the most.

Choosing the right tool and upskilling yourself to get the most of it is a complex task. I would suggest utilizing the trial period different tools are offering, doing research and getting suggestions from fellow marketers and then making a purchase of tools.

4. Keeping Up With Google’s Updates & Algorithms

We all are aware of Google's dominance amongst the search engines. Google is updating its algorithms to create a better experience for its users. And that can affect your website’s rankings and traffic. Marketers are aware that SEO is not a one time task. You need to make sure your clients and the brand you’re working in, understand this concept. As a marketer, you need to constantly learn about Google’s updates and algorithms. Also, take action to keep up with that. 

5. Social Media Marketing

Yes, social media is the most active platform where all kinds of audiences can be reached at once with a limited budget. However, some might believe that social media is only for creating awareness- but we have come too far from that. 

For example, social media like Facebook and Instagram are well known to offer shopping catalogues to customers. You can use your social accounts to engage more with customers, ask for their reviews, create memes etc. Having potential followers is most important for any business. You can also increase your Instagram followers by buying followers from reputable websites to engage with your target customers.

Ads on social media are also in trend these days. You can create well-translated video content and run ads campaigns to target local customers.

Whereas, on the other hand, LinkedIn is the best social media platform that offers people the services needed by other businesses or people. So, make good use of the platforms and tools you have handy.

You need to make a thumb rule that, ‘ Meet your customers where they are.’ 

6. Optimization of Marketing Budget and ROI

This is the most common challenge faced by any marketer. Often the brands have a budget constraint- you just cannot spend thousands of bucks on just talking about the brand and come up with no revenue for months straight. 

A marketer understands the needs of the business, the budget constraint it has and yet finds the most feasible way to get the marketing campaigns done within the limited boundaries. Moreover, they end up resulting in a good Return on Investment (ROI) for the businesses.

7. Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

As I said, meet your customers on the channels they are mostly preferring. It’s not enough to only focus on one channel. 

I know maintaining social presence and engaging through every channel is a different thing. The goal of an omnichannel marketing strategy is to create a convenient, seamless user experience for consumers that offers many opportunities for fulfilment. You can evaluate data like when your customers like to connect with your brand, through which device, what are seasonal impacts. Then you can create a strategy to run campaigns. 

Apart from above all the things, you require to co-ordinate within the team and across the team. You must require a tool like Workast to streamline processes and manage tasks within the team. 


Since everyone is into business and entrepreneurship of some kind, the competition is higher than ever before. Yes, all the brands and businesses are after the same things- Brand Awareness, Customer Engagement, Lead Generation, and Client Conversion. Yet, each marketer faces different challenges. It is simply because even when two people are given the same set of platforms and tools to run advertisements, their different thought processes bring diversifying results. 

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