A Guide To Promoting Engagement Within Your Company

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Guide To Promoting Engagement Within Your Company

What does it take to establish an effective workplace? Is it top-of-the-line facilities, strategic office locations, or supplemental tools and equipment? No, they’re not. It’s your employees. They’re the key to a high-quality workplace and the future of your business. As long as they’re highly engaged and motivated, your company is in good hands.

Are you having problems promoting engagement within your company? Well, you’re not alone. According to a study, only 15 percent of one billion employees worldwide feel that they’re engaged when working.

Given the statistics above, you probably understand how serious the problem is for most enterprises. So, what should you do as a employer? Should you increase their salaries? Money may boost employee satisfaction instantly, but it won’t keep them engaged in the long run.

Instead, focus more attention on your workers. Money isn’t always the answer to all problems and improve their virtual corporate experiences. To do that effectively, here are some of the most effective approaches to promoting engagement within your company.

Apply The Bottom-Up Approach

When you construct a house, the first thing you need to build is its foundation on the ground, not on the roof. The same goes for your company. If you want to establish a strong and engaging workplace, you have to take it bottom-up.

Start with the lower tiers of your organization—your personnel. Let their voices be heard by asking them the things that could help them work productively and efficiently. You may conduct surveys and questionnaires to assess their needs and help them express their thoughts well. 

On top of that, conducting surveys is a great way to keep your employees engaged in your company’s decision-making. The more you ask them, the more they feel respected, involved, and like an important asset of your organization.

Furthermore, asking your employees’ opinions will help you create an effective strategy to keep them engaged and productive in their work.

Promote Transparency Within Your Organization

If you want to promote engagement in your company, you have to keep your employees informed about anything that concerns your organization. If your business is acting secretively and discreetly in all aspects, it may lead to low engagement rates among your employees. 

By being transparent in every nook and cranny of your organization, your staff will be able to trust the organization better. They’ll understand how corporate decisions are made and how these will affect them. As such, they’ll be able to cope with any situation much better.

But is being transparent enough? Of course not. The communication process that flows within your company should be two-way. This means encouraging your employees to let their voices be heard so they won’t feel undervalued and left out. 

Plus, many business leaders believe that using ‘top-secret’ terminologies may put their organizations at a serious disadvantage. That’s why they prefer to keep the flow of communication and information like an open door where everyone may access it anytime.


Promote The Spirit Of A Community

How do you view your work environment? Do you see it as a community? Well, because it really is and each of your staff has a specific role and a task to accomplish. To set the community spirit ablaze among your employees, establish an engaging activity such as fabulous annual events or taking them out for a simple lunch.

Also, it’s important to promote a sense of equality in your organization without disrupting the very essence of hierarchy. This will make your employees feel like an important part of a community. 

On a side note, many startups enjoy this community-based movement. They believe that a casual and no-walls organizational policy is important to achieve and promote an engaging working environment—though it can be challenging, depending on different circumstances. 

Recognize The Work Of Your Employees

According to research, more than half of employees don’t feel recognized for all the hard work and sacrifices they’ve done to accomplish a specific task. As a result, they become less engaged, and when they do, they won’t be able to give their best while working. And in most cases, they’ll look for a new environment where they can be appreciated and highly valued. 

That being said, it’d be best to establish a personnel recognition system where anyone who performs well and completes their tasks promptly gets to enjoy perks and rewards. Don’t forget to offer them a certificate of appreciation or a short speech to make them feel valued for the tasks they’ve accomplished properly as well. 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that recognition should be connected to your organization’s core values and philosophy. After all, it’s about maneuvering your staff in the right direction.

Invest In Personal Growth

In this process, you’re helping your employees grow and develop to become the best version of themselves. You may give them a training program to contribute new skills relevant to their jobs like seminars and conferences. As a result, they’ll be able to assist your company in achieving its long-term goals and growth. 

Further, workers appreciate and value a company that can provide support in their careers and supplements their lives. If you want to retain highly-trained staff in your organization, stop acting selfishly. So, give them everything they need that may help them grow and elevate their skills to the next level. 

Hire Highly-Competent Managers

Managers are one of the most powerful weapons you can aim to drive and boost engagement within your company. They act as a medium between the executives and lower-tier employees, ensuring everyone knows what’s going on in the company.

As you know, most employees rarely get the chance to speak up front with their bosses and executive officials. Instead, they turn to their immediate superiors to express their opinions and emotions of hate, gladness, and security. That’s why it’s important to hire only the best managers among the rest. These highly-trained staff can handle and manage groups of people efficiently and effectively, keeping every team member engaged, motivated, and valued.

To boot, when hiring a manager, always check their background information, such as previous experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and essential skills. This will help you evaluate every applicant better to see if they fit the role. 

Final Words

Keeping your employees engaged brings a lot of benefits to your company. They’re more productive and motivated to perform every task to the best of their abilities. This will help your company achieve growth and success in no time. Nonetheless, promoting engagement is no easy feat. It’ll require you to invest time and resources yet the payoff will be great results in the long run. 

If you don’t know where to start, you may consider the following strategies presented above. Use them to anchor your way to achieving a healthy workplace filled with engaged team members. After all, a company won’t run on money alone, especially without the help of highly-trained employees. 

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