AI And Automation Transforming Project Management

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All companies have an ecosystem made up of employees, management, and production. As such, they have been subject to all kinds of changes over the years. Depending on the trends and technological advancements introduced over time, companies will need to evolve along with these changes.

The same is true for project management. There has to be a better way to manage how projects are being done in a company.

That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. These two go hand-in-hand, when it comes to project management in a company.

Now, let’s not think about the notion of machinery “replacing jobs” here. What if you can implement AI and automation without sacrificing human jobs? You can!

This is especially the case for project management, since these technologies can work alongside human employees to make things run smoother and more effective in the company. Thus, project management can be transformed for the better, while still keeping humans in the picture.

Here are 5 ways that both AI and automation will transform project management:

1. Better Risk Assessments

“Imagine preventing all sorts of delays, risks, and problems before they even happen,” says Nora Banks, a business writer at UK services reviews and UK Top writers. “With AI and automation, these delays and other issues can be forecasted in a company. When looking at the data that AI gives you, your company can automate the right parts of production.

When forecasting issues are automated, companies are alerted to anything from weather, to traffic, and so on. In this way, companies can prepare for what’s to come by taking the right actions.”

For example, what if severe weather (e.g. rain, snow, tornado, etc.) is coming? What can that mean for your project, which might require travel and transporting? In that case, AI can spot the times when severe weather might occur, and automation will immediately send out alerts to employees about said weather. In this way, employees can plan ahead, and decide on times to travel and or transport something safely.

2. Faster Progress In Tedious Work

There’s always the need to do tedious tasks. But are they even necessary when you can automate them?

Every day, companies have to juggle many tasks, even when it comes to project management. Projects require a lot of time and energy from employees and management. From gathering resources to setting deadlines, a lot goes into projects.

But with AI and automation, projects can be streamlined when menial tasks are streamlined. When automation takes on the smaller, tedious tasks, employees can focus on more important (and bigger) tasks. Some tasks that AI can handle with automation include:

Time management

Progress reports

Schedulings, etc.

3. Detecting Problems Faster With Metadata

Sometimes, problems may surface, even when humans are working on a project. From human errors to missed protocols and deadlines, no employee is perfect. Sometimes, problems aren’t realized until it’s too late to do something about it.

The good news is, AI and automation can help you detect problems faster by referring to the metadata. The metadata is considered the heart – the core – of something, like a project for example.

Here’s how it works:

AI will delve into the metadata of a project. When it sees something (like an issue) in the metadata, it will file a report.

If automation is implemented, employees will be alerted to any issues that AI has detected in the metadata.

Metadata is a gold mine of information. And with AI going through the information for you, and automation handling the issue reports and alerts, your company will be more informed about any delays or risks that might happen during production.

4. Better Communication

Want better communication when it comes to project management? Then let AI and automation make it happen!

Instant messaging has already become the norm in today’s communication. But sometimes, people don’t have the time to send out messages to others. In projects, some people don’t think to send out alerts and updates on production, which can be detrimental to the project itself. Plus, miscommunication can be due to the following mishaps:


Misinterpreting an issue

Other human errors

Language barriers

Time zone issues, etc.

As mentioned, AI can delve into the metadata and report on anything, while automation can send out any alerts right away. That’s how communication can work, when AI and automation are implemented. While emails and meetings won’t be replaced anytime soon, the preferred method would be instant messaging, thanks to AI and automation implementation. With these technologies, updates are streamlined, along with other helpful notifications that can help move production along. In this way, progress meetings won’t take up much time, and everyone on the project is on the same page.

5. Better Managing Resources

“Companies will take advantage of a variety of resources,” says Todd Etheridge, a technical writer at Revieweal and OX Essays review. “That’s why it’s important to keep track of the resources that your company uses. With AI, it can collect and study data from your resources, your employees, and so on.”

With that said, the following resources can be automated, thanks to AI:

Employee performance

Company supply

Work environment status

Waste management

Funds management, etc.

“Rather than have employees track these many resources by hand,” adds Etheridge, “AI can learn about said resources. And then, automation can take care of tracking any trends and changes in the company. In this way, more important tasks can be done by human components.”

As you can see, AI and automation will continue to be researched and implemented within companies. Even with project management, these technologies will be desired by those who want to have better production experiences in projects.

Just to recap, AI and automation can transform project management in the following ways:

Better assessment of risks in a project

Streamlining tedious tasks, so that bigger tasks are focused on more

Using metadata to find issues

Better communications during a project, AND

Better resource management

In these trends, AI and automation can make company projects more manageable, while still keeping human employees accountable for completing said projects.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of AI and automation today in your company projects!

This article is a guest blog written by Sara Sparrow.

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