Business Growth: How to Monitor Your Employees for Business Success?

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Business Growth How to Monitor Your Employees for Business Success

Companies make use of different growth metrics and strategic tools when developing business growth. Many companies try to achieve growth by investing in customer acquisition, others by expanding a product line, or using different marketing strategies. 

Today, most businesses rely on influencers, as they have a robust reach of the target market. Any strategy, however, is hard to achieve, if you don't use relevant strategies. For instance,  smaller influencers that are relevant to your target audience are hard to pinpoint. However, with the help of a tool powered by Influencers Club’s data, you can find micro- influencers for free. Give it a go at this crucial stage of your campaign.

While you concentrate on strategies out of the company, you miss out crucial insights into the overall customer experience. With all the marketing solutions, you should give much importance to your Employees productivity and work quality. It will enhance your chances to achieve better results, as employees are a company's best asset.

Ways to Manage Remote Employees for Business Success

According to recent reports by Glassdoor, the demand for remote positions has increased by over 360%. The restrictions of covid-19 have changed companies' culture, making them more relevant for remote workplace requirements.

Working remotely has its countless benefits for both workers and entrepreneurs. It forces technology to improve. With the advancements and changes, it becomes more important to have a sustainable policy to keep employees engaged and productive. 

About 90% of the employees feel more productive when working remotely. However, companies should get up-to-date with employee monitoring and managing trends and solutions. Besides productivity, It will give companies extra confidence for data safety, compliance, and accountability.

Employee management trends keep changing with new and innovative solutions. Are you ready to start managing remote employees? Regardless of your business goals and needs, here are some innovative employee managing solutions to ensure you stay updated on recent trends.

1. Use Employee Monitoring Tools

An efficient remote workplace requires more productive and engaged employees. Monitoring your remote employees is challenging enough if you do not have employees monitoring software. With the rise of remote workplaces worldwide, the use of software and time tracking tools have become more popular. 

A survey within 2000 employers shows that 78% of them use monitoring tools and see productivity rise. To get exact information on how your employees use their time, you can rely on Insightful. The company will provide you with the best solutions that will ensure 24% more efficient business processes. By delivering powerful data, and complete behavior analysis, you will manage to make more informed decisions. 

2. Emphasize Communication

Effective communication is an asset in business processes. 86% of employees state that most of the project failures happen because of poor communication, collaboration, and unclear risk definition. Putting an asset on effective communication, you can fix all the issues beforehand and increase the success rate.

Communication is a key factor for successful business management. Today's tools create an effective environment for communication between you and remote employees. Having defined communication strategies will improve morale and work efficiency. Building a strong communication culture will bring a lot of other business benefits, including better decision making, increased managerial efficiency, stronger relationships, loyalty, teamwork, and trust.

3. Build Connections with Employees

Unlike the fact that employees claim remote work makes them productive, in some cases, it causes them to feel isolated from the company and colleagues. A successful company gives connections an important role. Have a look at the numbers: more than 17% of employees feel isolated all the time. While almost all of the remote workers at least once have the feeling. 

Having a strong focus on getting connected to all of your employees or linking them to the company will increase engagement and create a positive remote workforce. Besides, it will ensure your employees will not get disconnected from the company's compliances and culture.

4. Integrate Technology Tools in Business Processes

Equipping your staff with all the latest tools and techniques will help to enhance job quality and better manage remote teams. We live in the era of technology, where a simple tool can bring a great competitive advantage. To ensure the efficiency of your remote workforce, it is crucial to keep them up-to-date with recent changes and technology advancements. 

Technology solutions will keep your remote staff more engaged with the help of tools. Staying current with the latest trends and techniques, you will be able to create a stress-free workplace. Technology will reduce waste time, and at the same time, improve productivity. You will be able to get the primary things done on time.

5. Create the Best Set of Deliverables

Another important and role-playing point when managing a remote team is being clear in setting project deliverables. Defining, tracking, and managing deliverables is an important asset for any company's success. It makes project planning and expectations clear for the employees. While a lot of innovative approaches may seem secondary, detailed deliverables have a practical meaning in project success. 

When creating your project plan for the employees, make sure to have clearly defined deliverables at the various steps of a project. They are key factors to your project and can ensure efficiency.

6. Improve Emotional Intelligence

In a nutshell, emotional intelligence may seem a simple term. However, when it comes to the workforce, you should get deeper into its meaning and best practices. Increasing emotional intelligence is crucial both for you and your employees. About 21% of employees find emotional intelligence in the working environment more valuable than IQ.

Having defined strategies on increasing emotional intelligence can develop better relationships between you and your employees. Besides, it can have a positive impact on a lot of aspects of your business. It will keep you positive in all the challenges, allow making better decisions, and have a happier, and more successful workforce.

7. Listen to Employees Anxieties and Concerns

Employees, who have a “voice” in a company are more productive and engaged. Since your remote workforce has a crucial role in your company's success, you should give importance to their concerns. It will strengthen the relationships between you and them. 

First, you should be supportive of what they say and give their issues fast solutions. Listening to them can bring a lot of key benefits and help them reduce stress. Statistics show that employees, who feel that their concerns matter, feel more engaged, and around 12% more productive. Being transparent and open with your employees gives them more confidence that you value and respect them.

8. Provide Guidelines for Each Task

Regardless of the industry, the success of your projects has strong connections with effective project management. Having a defined guide for each of the projects helps the employees to save time, and deliver the required results more effectively. Make sure to keep your employees up-to-date on project stages and processes. 

Statistics show that in future the majority of work will be project-based. Being clear with your requirements will ensure better results and a more organized workforce. Similar to-do lists, guidelines will define your employee's duties and steps more clearly.  When using the right methods for each of the projects, you will help increase the project success rate.

9. Have a Result-driven  IT Partner

When managing your remote team, you should take the responsibility for their IT system's hassle-free performance. Most of the companies give flexibility to remote workers to work hours. For properly sequencing tasks, make sure the data is stored in a secure environment. Having a 24/7 reliable IT partner will provide a safe performance, help increase staff productivity, and keep business data secure. Without a reliable partner that will be accessible round-the-clock, your employees will meet poor productivity and a lot of serious challenges, which will bring a lot of negative consequences to your business. Managed IT support services will deliver your business a wide range of other benefits.

Why is employee monitoring important for business management?

Remote employee monitoring solutions are ideal to follow the activities of employees. The average productivity rate across the industries is about 60%, which is quite high in the competition. Monitoring can not only make employees more engaged and productive but also highlight a lot of crucial points for planning future projects. Using the best tools will help you achieve more and reach your company’s goals faster.

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