Comparing Various Marketing Strategies for Your Business

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Comparing Various Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Pardot and Marketing Cloud are two very powerful platforms provided by Salesforce. Both have many advantages as well as their disadvantages and differences. It is important to study them before understanding which tool is better for you to use, and then you will be able to fully unlock the potential and get in return brilliant performance for your business. Now we will figure out pardot vs marketing cloud, which of them is a better tool for your business? 

What is a marketing cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as mentioned above, is one of the Salesforce marketing platforms that specializes in marketing automation, email, and online advertising. It is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and large companies that want to personalize marketing activities using customer data collected through various data channels so that this data can then be used to obtain an ideal marketing strategy for business promotion and beyond. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is focused on Btob companies that use multiple sales channels and want to personalize customer service based on the collected data.


Marketing cloud itself is an ideal assistant and consists of solid advantages, but when it comes to competition, its undeniable selling points are:

Comprehensive offer and advanced features;

Numerous integrations, including Salesforce CRM;

Numerous automation and settings;

Unfortunately, there is no free or trial version here. This is only possible with the help of the Salesforce Sales Cloud publisher's CRM tool.


It is impossible not to mention the disadvantages that this tool has:

No online chat or chatbot;

High cost compared to competitors;

It is focused more on large companies with a large budget than on medium and small businesses;

Nevertheless, all these shortcomings can be justified by the large functionality and constant improvements of the program at the request of users.

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a powerful marketing automation software tailored to the needs of companies that need to attract potential B2B customers and automate their marketing campaigns. Its big advantage is also its built-in integration with Salesforce CRM.


It is fair to highlight its most key advantages for a convincing comparison:

Connecting to Salesforce CRM;

A very active user community;

Extended and customized reporting;

Rich possibilities;


It is also necessary to pay attention to the disadvantages because they are a few of course:

If you need to manage more than 10,000 contacts, you will have to pay more;

Pardot is not suitable for companies operating in the B2C market;

Pardot features are not available in the Salesforce mobile app;

However, it also does not have a free trial period and is difficult to install and configure without the help of someone who understands anything about it already.

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The fundamental difference between them

The main difference between Marketing Cloud and Pardot is that they are designed for different types of businesses. The Pardot platform is designed for B2B business, and the Marketing Cloud is designed to meet the requirements of a B2C business.

This vital distinction can help you determine what is right for you. However, let's take a look at the company profile and determine who should use the marketing cloud and who should use Pardot. 

In short, here are the main differences: 

The Salesforce marketing cloud is positioned as a B2C platform, whereas Pardot is more of a B2B platform (although this is not always the case, we have companies using both platforms). 

The procurement cycle is also an important difference. Larger databases with lower sales volume will be better targeted with Marketing Cloud, and smaller databases will work better with Pardot. 

The marketing cloud is not limited to the email platform only. It has other features such as a mobile studio and an advertising studio, whereas Pardot is designed only for e-marketing. 

The marketing cloud is an excellent choice for one-on-one customer interaction using various communication channels. 

Pardot provides broader sales and marketing coordination for B2B teams.

It is important to understand that Pardot is really a marketing cloud product, but they are separate tools with a different range of tasks, different costs, and different development, sales, and support teams. The important difference is also that Parrot, unlike marketing cloud, is designed not only as an e-marketing tool that performs mass mailing, but can also perform various actions from your database. It analyzes and acts only at certain necessary timings, which strongly distinguishes it as a tool.

When it is time to choose between Pardot and Marketing Cloud

It doesn't have to be a choice. The sellers themselves deny this, and the reason why companies cannot have both is well understood. This is due to resources and budget constraints. Salesforce maps its products not to customers, but to the customer's project. They clearly don't need both to satisfy their sales cycle. Therefore, all you need to do is carefully analyze your business and choose the tool that will meet your needs.

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