Introducing our New Plan for Small Businesses

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on April 15#product
small business plans with workast teams under 20

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We want to thank and support small businesses with a limited-time offer to unlock all the features on the Professional plan at a simplified cost.

Teams of up to 20 individuals can now join our Small Business plan for just a flat fee of $45.00 per month!

Small business plan workast

If you've been looking to upgrade your Workast experience, the time is now. With our new limited small business plan you can enjoy all the features of Workast at a low flat rate cost.

Hear from one of our early adopters?

"Some background: We are a small business based out of New Hampshire that produces live events, virtual events, concerts, etc across the USA but mostly in the northeast. We have 12-16 employees currently but we will add part-time labor and full-time labor as events/productions ramp back up for the busy seasons. We have many moving pieces (both in the quoting/design dept and in the operations/equipment dept). We were looking for a platform to manage tasks and projects for the team that was tightly integrated with Slack. 

We have been using Slack for the past 3-4 years for team communication and that has worked very well. For task management, we started with Wunderlist since it was free and very simple. We could share lists and assign tasks but it didn’t integrate well with slack so tasks lost visibility if people weren’t looking in the app regularly. Then we moved to Microsoft To-Do when they bought Wunderlist. We wanted more features and slack integration from Microsoft To-Do but that didn’t exist so we explored other options like Asana, Monday, and others. Most were way more feature-rich for what we needed and wouldn’t have the buy-in from the team. I found Workast eventually and we tried it out for a week or so before seeing the Small Business plan option. 

The Slack integration is key for us since we use that platform on a daily basis. Also having the SSO with slack is great so we don’t have multiple accounts and forgotten passwords. I signed up for the Small business plan because the price seemed very fair and added some features we would use but didn’t absolutely need. We are still scratching the surface of all the features but so far we have been very happy and everyone has been using it on a daily basis which is the best indicator to me that it is working."

Donald Van Slyke, General Manager - Events United / Studio Lab

"In the past, we have struggled with different computer/phone-based applications because of how our operations are set up. We started using Slack last year and it really stuck/went well. The integrations look great and the flexibility of the lists is fantastic."

Matt Cafaro

Have you recently made the switch to our new small business plan? We'd love to hear how it's going. Send us a tweet or drop us a line to get your experience featured on our blog! Bottoms up!

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