Productivity Tools That Will Help Managing Files Easier

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The success of any brand depends on the productivity of the employees and it goes without saying that if your team is behind on a project, your bottom line gets affected. This definitely will have an overall bad effect on the success of any company as a whole and it will not be difficult to tell just why you may be making losses.

Managing files is a huge part of any project. Fortunately, an unproductive team can easily be put back together by using the right productivity tools. These will limit the number of programs employees need to check rather than switching between multiple apps. Here are some of the most used productivity tools to make managing files easier for your and your team.


In any work environment, emails fly around at one time or the other, and sometimes, large files may have to go with such emails. We all know how complicated things could be when sharing large files.

This is the type of issue Masv (as it is fondly called) seeks to solve. It is one of the fastest and most reliable ways for videographers and creators to transfer time-critical files to clients. There are no plugins or limitations whatsoever and you can get Masv on a pay-as-you-go basis for $0.25 per Gigabyte. So as a company that is in the habit of sending large files almost all the time, Masv is the best productive tool if you want secure file sharing.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a very popular file synchronization productivity tool but it is often widely not used to full capacity by unproductive teams. This productivity tool can help teams achieve a lot. Documents, power points, and spreadsheets can be worked on at the same time by a team that uses Google Drive. There are also in-app chatting and task assignment features. With freeing up space in Gmail, you can store all your data in the cloud, giving you access to your files from anywhere at any time. Google Drive is free for basic use and offers more storage capacity starting at $1.99 per month. This tool helps teams to stay organized and on top of recommended changes and file-sharing can be controlled in such a way that receivers only see what they need to see. This tool is usually free for individuals.


In any office setting, there is a need for frequent communication and collaboration to get team goals realized. A failure in this aspect can set the company back in terms of productivity and brand polishing. Slack, a communication and collaboration tool is sure to help with this. This intuitive productivity tool features in-app chatting, file sharing, and task management with the Workast integration.

With Slack, teams can chat individually with one another or send out messages that are for everyone’s attention. Assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and getting status updates are all that this web-based tool can offer. Instead of wasting precious time switching between emails, cloud storage, or other apps, teams can put a stop to wasting that precious time by using Slack. You can use the free version of slack but if you want the standard version, you pay $6.67 or $12.50 for the plus version.


This is a file storage productivity tool that is always almost recommended to companies that store a lot of their data for future references. This app helps you keep all your data secure and in one place. All you need to do is to upload all your documents on the cloud and access them anytime you want to from any of your devices.

File sharing and sharing of folders can also be safely done using Dropbox. There are also options like password protection and download permissions so, you can be sure that your folders or files cannot get lost. With Dropbox, you can protect your files from deletions or viruses by restoring all your data. It is available on Windows, Linux, Androids, and all apple products.


This productivity app is a workflow automation tool that allows you to connect several other productivity tools. After obtaining the app, you will need to choose a trigger that is a routine in any other particular app.

After this, you can set one or more actions that are supposed to happen automatically. For example, you can choose Gmail as your trigger. Once you receive an email on Gmail, you can set Zapier to copy all attachments to say Dropbox which is your first action, and then alert you in Slack about the attachments. You can try this app for teams if you want to help your team members automate their work and be more productive.

Final word

The emergence of productivity tools has made life very easy for those that use them. If you are always busy with one assignment or the other and scarcely have breathing spaces, you can get some of these tools to help reduce your workload and manage your files at the same time. Different tools serve different purposes. Once you know what you need help for, you can select the tool that fits perfectly.

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