Role of HR marketing in digital marketing for career

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Role of HR marketing in digital marketing for career.

If you find yourself inspired by a creative ad placement on the web or feel intrigued rather than annoyed by display ads, odds are you’re passionate about marketing. It really is an exciting field at the crossroads between human psychology, communication, and data analytics.

If you are passionate about digital marketing, you might want to take a step from studying and understanding it to becoming a part of a team that helps bring a captivating product to the masses.

Doing what you love makes for a great career, and many jobs in digital marketing can be done remotely so you can spend more time with family. A remote career like this also pays handsomely. But, to get your first remote job, you’ll have to give it a bit of effort.

In this article, you’ll learn why a remote digital marketing job is a great choice for you and how to get one.

Need for digital marketing 


A career in digital marketing is a future-proof career. Typically, people spend around six hours online, which is more than listening to the radio or watching TV. This makes the Internet one of the most effective channels of advertising.

Digital marketing is also incredibly diverse and can fit any budget. Whether it’s a small family business or an international corporation, any business can benefit from advertising online. Both types can execute online marketing in a cost-effective way to increase sales and revenue.

This means the demand for digital marketing skills is going to remain fairly stable. Most likely, it’s even going to grow in the coming years. So, if you want to put your interest in marketing to good use, you’re likely to have a basis for a decent career.

A digital marketing career also involves increasing your productivity and constantly learning, which might be a positive or negative factor, depending on what you want from your professional life. If you’re the type of person who is not afraid to change plans on the go based on new information, a remote career in digital marketing is the right choice.

Remote work-life benefits

Your interest in digital marketing can materialize in a career that engages your creative side and pays well. It also can provide you with a much better quality of life because most tasks in this field don’t require you to be present in an office.

Whether it’s creating content, managing social media, doing search engine optimization, or email marketing, all you need to do your job is a laptop and an internet connection. Before 2020, this was only a possibility. Still, after the pandemic, most companies have embraced the remote workplace culture and have given their employees the option to go either hybrid or fully remote.

If the option to work remotely is a reason you’re looking for a marketing job, you’re making the right choice. Remote work saves you ample time and money on commuting and having to eat out during lunch. It also gives you the flexibility to start the work as early or as late as you see fit or finish your daily workload faster than eight hours and have more time for yourself.

That’s one of the reasons 74% of employees report feeling happier when they work remotely.

How to get a job in digital marketing

If you’re set on getting a remote digital marketing job, here are three steps to do that.

Gain and obtain digital marketing experience

A large benefit of digital marketing is that you don’t need a formal education to get into the job market. Sure, a degree in marketing or communication can benefit you when looking for a job, but you don’t absolutely need it.

The most important thing of digital marketing is to have the skills to make your employer money and the ability to learn new marketing techniques on the go. This means even a small history of professional success can mean more than four years of expensive education. But how do you get that work experience before you find the remote job of your dreams?

The most straightforward way is to find a free internship. While internships are typically reserved for students, in digital marketing, you might get an internship by simply being smart and knowing a lot about what you do. A drawback of going for an internship is that it’s likely to be a full-time unpaid gig, and not everybody has the resources to pull that off.

Another option is to find work opportunities with friends and family. If someone you know runs a small business, offer to help them with their digital marketing efforts. The odds are this job is also going to be unpaid, but it’s more flexible than an internship and gives you more power over the process.

If you don’t know a person who needs help with digital marketing, you can try and find one. Check out local small businesses and offer to help them for free or for a small fee. It might take dozens of calls and emails, but if you find a business willing to give you a chance, it will look even better on your resume.

The last option might be the best but the riskiest for starting your digital marketing career. It’s starting a small online business of your own. You can start with a dropshipping or affiliate business that doesn’t require a lot of logistics to run. This gives you the option to control every aspect of marketing and build experience fast, but it does require investing money into marketing.

Building Your Remote-Ready Toolkit

Your next step is to build the skills a remote employee needs, like managing your time or working with online tools.

Mastering online tools and platforms used in digital marketing is a key factor for landing a remote job. A company that wants to hire a remote employee would likely prefer someone who needs minimal onboarding into the tools that have to be used daily because coaching online might be difficult.

So, if you’re venturing into digital marketing, get accustomed to its tools. SEO specialists should give free SEO tools a try. You don’t have to invest in them, and the features-free plans let you analyze any website to see how it fares in terms of SEO.

Social media specialists should try using post-scheduling software and advertising accounts. Paid ads specialists might not have the opportunity to use Google and Facebook advertising to the full extent without a marketing budget. Still, they should at least study them to know how to use them.

To find a list of tools that the niche of digital marketing that you are interested in requires, browse job ads. Look for tools listed in the requirements and test them in your free time.

Landing Your Dream Remote Job

With a bit of experience and knowledge of the marketing toolkit, you can start looking for a job. There are three major ways to find one.

You can register on a freelance website like UpWork and start applying for jobs. The largest drawback of websites like these is that you need to build a reputation on them by doing a lot of entry-level tasks that might not be very well paid. But since you’re just starting out, doing entry-level gigs shouldn’t be a problem.

Another option is to join an online marketing community like a Slack channel or a Discord server and talk to the regulars. It can be a great way to grow your skills in the industry, and it also might land you your first job. The participants are likely to be skilled digital marketers and they tend to be looking for talent from time to time. Since you’re a part of the group and they trust you, you might be their pick.

Having a good LinkedIn profile might be a good way to score jobs as well. Once you create a profile with a description of your skill set and experience, you will appear in searches, and recruiters will come to you instead of you coming to them.

If all else fails, look for jobs on specialized remote work websites. Websites like these function just like Indeed, but they focus on the companies that offer hybrid or remote work. 

Real-life success stories

If you’re hesitant about whether your passion and beginner’s knowledge of digital marketing can translate into participation in a productive workplace culture, read success stories online. You’ll find hundreds of examples of people making a career change or entering the digital marketing industry without a lot of experience.

In many Reddit posts, digital marketers share that their first job was an entry-level position at an agency they obtained by being confident and willing to learn every day. A job like this can be demanding but will build your skill set rapidly.

In fact, many big names in the digital marketing world were once beginners with nothing but passion and willingness to learn. Rand Fishkin, the founder of MOZ, dropped out of his degree in finance to do marketing. Neil Patel, the founder of HubSpot, started his career by creating and marketing sites of his own, and it later translated into a huge success.

So, don’t worry—famous marketers and regular people have been successfully switching to digital marketing for decades, and you can, too.


Digital marketing can be a lucrative career, offering flexibility of remote work. Now that you know how to make your dream career a reality, you need to act instead of just dreaming about it.

Put together a list of tools you need to master and plan when you will learn how to use them. Then list options for getting the first experience in the industry and start applying for jobs or doing marketing on your own. 

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