Slack For Project Management: 7 Powerful Features

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Slack Project Management

Communication is one of the most important spheres in the life of every business company. It is important to provide smooth interaction not only with clients but also within the company workflows as the successes of the future projects fully depend on team collaboration and seeing a united goal. 

According to Slack’s recent statistics, its application gets more than 10 million users all over the world. The Slack management tool is used in an extensive variety of domains and businesses of different sizes. The application is really easy to use and integrate with other existing software systems with a particular business company. 

It is capable of replacing numerous mails, online meetings created in other applications. Generally, it makes communication between different company departments seamless which is a key to the high productivity of the team. Workers can easily chat, call, share documents, assign tasks, track work time, etc via the Slack application with no additional resources. 

In this post below, we have gathered the most powerful and advanced features that make Slack in high demand among diverse business companies worldwide. 

Document management

The reason why Slack is used by so many different business companies is its ability to be smoothly integrated with numerous other business apps like Google Workspace for meeting synchronization, InVision, Jira, Workast, and other task managers to see the task preview and status in the Slack channels, GitHub, Zendesk, Dropbox and others.

This option really makes the work within the company quicker and more automated. You can get all notifications from our tasks into the Slack app, see upcoming meetings, track your work time, provide quick links to other integrated apps or tasks, and so on. Slack also becomes a huge part of business management processes on par with other types of business software.

Reminders from the integrated apps

Slack is a great help in organizing your work time and managing all your daily tasks with proper distributor time. Teams can install Workast, which is a task management app that connects directly to the Slack workspace, and it can remind their team members of tasks that need to be done.

Slack can is also tasked with alerting you about the upcoming meeting - today, tomorrow, and current calls that are going to be held in 30 and 1 minutes. The reminders can be related to different activities - like video or audio calls via Google Mettes and other tools, assigned tasks on particular employees, notifications about changes in some tasks, etc. Thus, you must be sure that your workers will not miss any important calls, especially with clients. 

Advanced search capability

If you have lost a vital message, link, or document somewhere in the Slack workspace, then you can easily find it right away. Slack search is quite advanced and has several filters like what channel you look for, who the author of the message is, what day this message was published, and what type of documents you are looking for. All you need to remember is the keyword related to the message you are searching and you will see all available results within a certain workspace. 

Pinning the important messages 

This feature is the following after the previous one. Every single chat within a Slack workspace allows to pin all needed messages by all members. However, we would recommend not to use this capability very often as the more pinned messages you have, the more time you are going to spend looking for the required one.

Pinned messages are needed to save the most vital messages from leadership related to current business strategies, passwords to company accounts, payrolls information, and so on depending on the department. Due to custom writing service Topwritingreviews, pinned messages save working time, especially during team calls.

Audio and video calls

The ability to make audio and video calls in Slack makes this management tool really universal for all businesses. There is no need to make a meeting in Google Meets or Microsoft Teams, you just can call who you need anytime this person is available, make a video meeting and share your screen when you are presenting something. You can call a particular employee as well as connect a whole department or even collective. 

 Although you can not create the meeting in advance and set up the reminders, you need to agree on the day and time in a private message or within a certain chat. 

Different workspace and channels

Commonly, one business company creates a general workspace with different channels in it related to particular company departments. However, if your business deals with entirely different projects or directions, you can also create several workspaces not to confuse your employees and not to disturb people who are not related to particular tasks and projects.

As we have already mentioned, channels can be open where everyone can join by a wish, and private chats used for different purposes. If the channel is private, then only the head of a chat can approve or delete users. 

User status

Each user within the Slack workspace is capable of setting user status and mute\unmute notification within the application. If Slack is integrated with Google Calendar, for example, it automatically sets the status “In a meeting” during the call so that everyone could see that you are not available at the moment.

This feature is also useful for showing your lunchtime thereby you could have free time with no work interruptions. However, the available lunchtime partially depends on the company policy because if you don’t follow a rule that lunchtime is not working time, then this status will be meaningless. 

Bottom line

Besides the counted above features, Slack has many little options for a business that makes their daily operations quicker, easier, and much more effective.

Major business companies struggle with poor collaboration between different departments and employees but the Slack management tool is capable of taking communication to another level and helping employees to find a common language more simply. According to the custom writing services reviews, the advantages of using Slack are so obvious that there is no need for an explanation as to why so many businesses of different industries use exactly this tool for managing internal processes and communication. 

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