The Best Way to Manage Tasks for Teams on Slack

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Slack Task Management

Slack is a great communication tool for teams but a challenge that many teams face is how to keep up with the work that get's delegated over Slack. Often these conversations are missed or forgotten about, and an action item or task is never created. There is no automatic way for a manager to remind a team member about something they asked them to do without manually messaging them.

This is where Workast comes in. Workast is a task management app for teams that use Slack. Workast is an application that integrates directly into Slack, and was built for teams that communicate solely on Slack.

Workast is trusted by over thousands of teams and has helped many organizations and businesses organize their team work, projects and clients, to help them get more work done.

Here is how you can use Slack to manage your team work:

1. Install Workast into Slack workspace

Install Workast

From the Slack app directory, search "Workast" and install Workast into the Slack workspace for the organization.

Workast makes it super easy for you to get started and uses Slack credentials to authorize the app. Team members can use the same login details for Slack with Workast. Once Workast is installed to the Slack workspace, you can get started in less than 3 minutes.

2. Create a space

A space in Workast is where tasks live. It can be a project, client list, customer list, task list, customer inquiries and more. It is where you create and manage tasks.


Workast spaces automatically connect to a Slack channel once a task is created in a Slack channel. Teams organize Slack in their own specific ways, so Workast has made it easy for teams to utilize the same structure that they've already created in Slack with Workast.

If tasks exist in a Slack channel, you will automatically see the Slack channel name under the 'Spaces' in your Workast account.

3. Create tasks

The next step in managing tasks for teams that use Slack is to create tasks for yourself and your team members. Managers will find this feature very useful as you can create tasks in a Slack channel.

Tasks can be created in a Slack channel using Workast's shortcut which is: /todo

Create tasks in Slack

To create a task in Slack, type "/todo" followed by the task. Here is an example: /todo TikTok strategy due tomorrow 9am @sarah

To set a due date, you can write the due date such as 9 March 9am, or write "tomorrow 9am". Quick tip: You can also say the days of the week such as Monday 10am, and this will pick up the due date.

To assign a task to a team member, simply type @ and the team members username. For example, @mariasmith. This will assign the task to Maria Smith.

Creating tasks in Workast web app

Workast also has a browser version of the application where team members can create and manage tasks outside of Slack. This is especially useful for teams that require a more visual way of managing their team work.

Workast has many different views of a project such as list view, board view and timeline view that helps assist with managing tasks for team members easily.

Create task in Workast

Tasks can be created in Workast by clicking on a Workast space, and clicking on the "Create new task" button.

Tasks that are created in the Workast space, are automatically kept in sync with the Slack channel. Task lists are updated automatically.

Viewing tasks in Slack

Team members are already using Slack to communicate for work, so the easiest way for them to know what work they need to do is to see this information on Slack. A team member can go to a Slack channel, and view all the tasks that needs to be done, simply by typing /todo list.

To-do List in Slack

This will show the team member all the tasks the team needs to do related to that Slack channel.

Team members love using this feature as it allows them to continue chatting on Slack, and they are able to see important information about their work, without ever leaving Slack.

Workast is one of the only task management applications that allows team members to view and complete tasks on Slack only.

4. Invite team members

Workast was made to help teams manage their tasks better when using Slack. It is best used across the team, with all team members on board.

Once Workast is installed into the Slack workspace, team members can go ahead and start using Workast straight away by using the /todo command in Slack.


Alternatively, managers or team members can invite their team members to use Workast directly through the Workast app in Slack and even add a personalized message as shown above.

5. Complete tasks

One of the best way to manage tasks for teams on Slack is by creating tasks for team members that are descriptive, are assigned to the correct team member and have a due date. When tasks have a due date, the team member is reminded of the task in the Workast direct message on Slack.


Tasks created in Workast can be completed in Slack quickly and easily with a press of a button. When the task is completed in Workast, the task is moved to the 'Completed tasks' list.

Complete a task in Slack

Depending on the notifications set, Workast can send a notification in the Slack channel when a task is completed. This feature can be turned off.

6. Keep going

The best way for Slack teams to manage tasks is to be consistent, and keep going. The more tasks that is put into Workast, the greater visibility and reporting you will have over what is achieved, what is outstanding, and any resources that need to be changed or amended.

Workast has made it super easy for teams to create tasks from Slack, without leaving a Slack channel therefore, when you need to remember a task that needs to be done, create a task in Workast and assign yourself the task so you don't forget.

Tip for managers: Workast has the ability to create custom reports to show you all the tasks that need to be done for your team, or to review all the work your team has done for the week. The reporting functionality is endless and can help gain greater visibility of your team work.

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How to manage tasks in Slack using Workast

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