Unlock the Potential of Your Marketing Team with Cloud Workflow Solutions

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Unlock the Potential of Your Marketing Team with Cloud Workflow Solutions

Cloud-based solutions are vastly underestimated. They can play a vital role in your business structure, not only allowing your staff to get more things done in less time and with significantly less effort. But also freeing up that time for other important projects, and/or increasing revenue.

Making data-driven decisions, upgrading the quality of resource allocation, and managing the budget more efficiently are just a few examples of what you can achieve here.

You can reap massive benefits using these systems (which are relatively new to the market today), and the investments are slim to none, which makes cloud-based solutions an invaluable tool.

We’d go as far as to say that they’re actually crucial to businesses today. As the rest of the world is picking up on these new tools, they’re quickly solving their problems. If your business is still suffering from the problems below, you may be already behind!

Check yourself! Is your business suffering from…

Inefficient communication channels

Siloed information

Manual and repetitive tasks?

The good news is, using cloud-based solutions can fix all these problems and bring you money, and make your staff happier and more productive, all at the same time, with minimal investments!


What are cloud-powered workflow solutions, and how do they improve workflow?

Cloud-based workflow solutions (let’s call them CWS) are software programs hosted on the internet that you can use your browser to access.

If you ever used Gmail to send a letter instead of delivering it manually, you’ve already benefited from CWS before. Imagine having to do the physical work and investing the time to carry a physical letter to your partner across the city (or, worse, the world)! CWS are that effective.

CWS work by removing the need for physical tasks, manual completion of routine actions, and providing remote access.

Today’s CWS are massively complicated job-specific tools with thousands of settings and a lot of infrastructure. This means even more upsides for your business which translates nicely into more revenue, and, which is even nicer, more free time.

For example, SendPulse is a multi-channel automation CWS, that can send large amounts of emails to customers based on data gathered from them (which will help determine their likes, desires, triggers, schedules, and so on).

Therefore, you’ll have much higher chances of being successful with your email campaign, and you’d send more emails by orders of magnitude than if you did it manually. Quality and quantity win!

A list of most commonly used cloud-based instruments used to improve marketing workflows

HubSpot Marketing Automation (automates routine marketing tasks like behavior analysis, targeted advertising)

Workast (helps to manage teamwork directly in Slack channels and keep your marketing team organized)

Asana (task tracker, marketing campaign manager)

SendPulse (SMS, email, chatbot marketing campaigns, data analysis and leveraging)

Moosend (lead generation, automated email marketing campaigns)

Snov.io (customer relationship management, data analysis, researching prospects, nurturing existing clients)

Omnisend (dynamic ad integrations based on personal tastes, audience analysis, mostly automated outreach).

Key Benefits

Increased collaboration efficiency

CWS helps reach all your staff faster (for example, by offering one chat channel). Imagine discussing the concept or sending a memo to hundreds of your workers one by one!

Reduced time spent on tasks

Remote access is a big plus. With CWS, your employees can access customer profiles from their tablets or when they’re traveling, and share customer profiles and avatars easily and safely with anyone across the world.

Task automation

Task automation is a big benefit where CWS are concerned. Task automation, for example, can get your product to market faster without mastodon costs, involving third parties, or even having to pay all the expenses in one go.

Access to real-time data and insights

Big data is a colossal part of business today. Many large companies across the world are investing billions into leveraging customer information to get the most out of their efforts to convert clients. As we already discussed using the example of SendPulse, leveraging data can reveal crucial details about the people you want to reach.

Real-time data is even more helpful in a world where what was interesting yesterday or even an hour ago is already irrelevant to an audience that loses interest in a topic in an average of 7 seconds (unless you can find something that really excites them right now).

Real-time data on a technical level means easy backups at any frequency you want. These days, Google Docs saves your data every time you type a letter (rather than you having to frantically save your work every 10 minutes manually like in the old days). And lightning-fast syncs.

Not so long ago (it seems), Google Docs amazed the world by introducing a feature that allowed the whole team to edit one doc at the same time! Though this is now taken for granted, for teams who were sending each other Microsoft Word RTF files for every edit, this was a miracle incarnate (imagine how long that took!).

Better resource allocation

Using CWs can allow you to rent bandwidth from remote servers rather than undergoing expensive and time-consuming IT updates for the whole departments, which will also mean hold-ups in production. That’s just one example, but where CWS are concerned, that’s just the beginning of a long list!

Specific examples of how cloud solutions help optimize marketing processes

For example, using multiple Asana licenses, you can drive marketing success in the following ways:

Assigning tasks so that team members know which project is whose, what the deadline is, and what stage it’s in thanks to the comment feature

Keeping track of the project by providing visual representations of the project completion status, and preliminarily finding potential problems

With over 200 integrations, teams can communicate and collaborate faster by orders of magnitude, with no lags or waiting times.

Getting the best results from your marketing campaigns is also possible with Workast, which integrates directly into Slack, making prioritizing and tracking tasks easier than ever.


Cloud-based workflow solutions can be immensely helpful to marketing campaigns by eliminating waiting times and problem spots in communication, speeding up the work processes with instant syncs and making them safer with backups, renting hosting space and locations, and much, much more. There’s no doubt the dividends you get from them far outweigh the financial investments in their purchase, as long as you’re using them right, so make sure to study them well before you use them!

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