What Types Of Lawyers Do You Need For Your Business? Find Out Here

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What Types Of Lawyers Do You Need For Your Business Find Out Here

Whether you're starting a business or thinking about hiring your first employee, many legal questions need to be answered. Your business needs a legal team to handle the legal details, from tax advice to hiring and firing. There are a wide variety of lawyers specializing in different disciplines, and choosing the right one for your particular situation can be a tricky business. So, what types of lawyers do you need for your business?

Why Might You Need A Lawyer For Your Business?

There are a lot of legal aspects that can affect your business. If you don't know what these are and how to protect yourself and your business, hiring a lawyer to help you is crucial. There are many reasons why companies might need a lawyer. One of the most common is when they get sued by someone or have to defend themselves against lawsuits brought by others. Another reason is when they want to enter into contracts with partners or clients with legal implications.

No matter the reason, you will eventually require a trusted business attorney who can manage your specific case, whether pertaining to employment law or assisting in a merger. Moreover, the business world can be particularly litigious, and you may find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit for which you need expert advice. So let's take a deeper look into what kinds of attorneys you might require as a business owner.

General Business Lawyer

A general business attorney is a lawyer who specializes in the business world. They are usually licensed to practice law in one or more states and specialize in areas like corporate law, corporate governance, securities law, and international trade. The duties of a general business attorney vary depending on the type of business they are working for.

For instance, an intellectual property attorney will typically handle disputes between companies over patents and copyrights. In contrast, an antitrust attorney would work with companies that believe their competitors are attempting to monopolize their market share. Most larger businesses will have a general business lawyer in-house who can advise a business when they need to hire a law firm that specializes in a particular field if the need arises.

For example, law firms like Prudent Law provide advice, aid, and representation for corporate and commercial clients on general business issues. These include mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financing, and compliance.   


Personal Injury Lawyer

Workers of all kinds are vulnerable to workplace problems. That includes injuries caused by machinery, equipment malfunctions, falling objects, exposure to hazardous substances, or lack of proper safety measures.

Suppose a customer, employee, or visitor suffers a slip and fall injury on your premises. In that case, they’re well within their rights to file a personal injury claim.   

But what if other circumstances are to blame? How can you defend yourself from what could be explained by other factors? 

That’s where hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer comes in. They’re necessary if your business involves activities or locations rife with risks to employees, customers, or other parties. This is especially true if your company operates in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, or healthcare industries. But retailers and office managers can also work with them on similar problems.  

According to ConsumerShield, a legal advocacy group, personal injury lawyer can provide advice on identifying safety hazards, implementing protocols, and keeping track of regulations. That way, your business can stay on the good side of regulatory organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

If a customer or employee does file a personal injury claim against your business, a personal injury lawyer can represent your interests and help navigate the legal process. They help you respond to the claim, gather evidence, negotiate settlements, or defend your business in court if necessary. Click here for more information about their services.

Contract Attorney

A contract attorney is a lawyer who specializes in the legal aspects of contracts. They typically work as an employee for a law firm, and they are responsible for drafting agreements and assisting clients with their contractual needs.

There are many reasons why businesses need a contract attorney, but the most important reason is that they can help you avoid legal problems, which can be costly and damaging to your business. Contract attorneys also work with clients to ensure that their contracts comply with state and federal laws and industry standards. They also advise writing contracts that will protect the company from future lawsuits or fines.

Contract lawyers have the following primary responsibilities: 

They help negotiate favorable terms and conditions for their clients in a contract.  

They draft valid contracts and examine them before they’re signed by all the parties involved. This ensures agreements are executed without a hitch.  

They help explain to clients the terms and conditions of contracts.  

They help train executives and managers in specific contract policies.  

They conduct research to stay updated with contract laws.  

These professionals are key in ironing out contract-related issues. After all, these documents play a crucial role in business transactions. They bind all the parties to their duties and obligations under stated agreements.

Employment Attorney

Employment attorneys are people who help employees and employers with their legal needs. When it comes to the employee, they can help them find and apply for the right job, understand their rights and obligations in the workplace, negotiate contracts, draft employment agreements, and more.

Regarding you as an employer, an employment attorney is someone who helps you navigate the law on your workplace issues. Employment law is a broad field that covers everything from discrimination to wrongful termination to wage-and-hour disputes to trade secrets, making these types of attorneys particularly sought after. 

When you have an employment lawyer, dealing with work-related issues will be much easier and less stressful. They can represent and protect your business’s rights and interests against the liabilities associated with them.

Tax Lawyer

There is nothing certain in life apart from death and taxes, and if you own a company, tax is a significant part of doing business. However, tax can be a complex process for most, making it necessary to hire an attorney specializing in this part of the law. A tax lawyer is a person who helps businesses with tax-related legal matters.

They are often employed by companies, and they work with their clients to determine the type of taxes that will be imposed on their earnings and how to avoid paying more than necessary. Many different types of attorneys specialize in various areas of taxation law, such as corporate, international, estate planning, real estate, and more. The lawyer will also advise them on what deductions are available to them and how they can reduce their tax liability. They also have to know how to deal with the IRS if they are audited or face criminal charges.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate attorneys can help with various legal issues that arise in the course of buying, selling, or leasing real estate. They can also help with title searches, mortgage applications, and other related matters. In addition to their legal skills, real estate attorneys may also possess strong negotiating skills.

Moreover, according to Jack Roberts from Hard Money Lenders IO, a dedicated real estate lawyer on your side can provide practical advice and expertise in the laws surrounding the industry. They assist you in things like real estate development, commercial leasing, and acquisition and refinancing of commercial properties.They can negotiate on behalf of their clients to obtain the best possible price for the property they buy or sell. Businesses might only require the services of these specialists if they are in the process of acquiring business premises or are in the real estate business themselves.

Intellectual Property Attorney

In most countries, intellectual property rights are regulated by law and have been subject to international conventions. They protect original expression, inventions, discoveries, names, symbols, designs, etc. However, IP law has the potential to be confusing and complex, making the use of a specialist lawyer essential.

An Intellectual Property Attorney is a lawyer who specializes in protecting and enforcing the owner's rights of an idea or creative work. IP attorneys are primarily involved in the areas of patent law, trademark law, and copyright law. They can provide advice on obtaining protection for your idea or creative work and how to enforce your rights over it. The role of an IP attorney is becoming more critical in today's world, where technology has made it easier for people to copy ideas and creative works without permission. An IP attorney can also help with contract negotiations and business transactions involving intangible assets (such as software).

Not all lawyers are not the same. Some lawyers specialize in certain types of cases, ranging from corporate and business law to real estate and employment law. By selecting the correct kind of attorney for the job, your business will be able to stay compliant with laws and regulations and protect itself against a range of lawsuits.

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