Workast vs Asana

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on February 23#product
why workast is better than asana or trello

See why Asana customers are flocking to Workast to have more oversight, features and functionality, and ultimately get more done.

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Revamp the way work gets done

Workast streamlines Slack teams’ workflows. From daily work to company-wide initiatives, deliver more efficiently with Workast.

why choose workast over asana

Why Workast offers more?

Our freemium plans and lower price per user save money for your team while getting more done. View a calendar timeline, invite guests, and create private projects with Workast all while saving more money.

Connect with tools you already use: Integrate with Google, Time-Tracking, GitHub, and more without worrying about hidden fees or added costs.

Pricing for every budget:

Not ready to commit? We offer a completely free unlimited plan, so you can see if Workast works for you without having to commit to a trial only to find out it may not work for your team. Stick to your budget with Workast.

Import tasks from your current project management system:

Workast integrates with the tools and projects you use every day. Import your current tasks from your project management system. Either with a CSV file, Zapier integration, or straight from Trello, we make importing your work easier.

Take control of your projects:

Spaces - Plan your projects, see the status of your workflow, identify moving pieces, and take action with Spaces.

Learn more about Spaces.

Lists - Manage different aspects of your projects or processes with lists. Organize your work via lists. 

Learn more about Lists.

Calendar - Get an overview of your projects in a calendar view to easily make sure you’re on track and make adjustments as needed.

Learn more about our Calendars.

Meetings - Hold more productive meetings. Create an agenda, take notes, and create action items all with our Meetings extension.

Learn more about Meetings.

Forms - Collect data from your team or clients without ever leaving Workast. Add attachments, multiple types of questions, and more.

Learn more about Forms.

Looking to save money or outgrown Asana?

Easily import your asana tasks with a CSV file or Zapier zap and have your Workast team up and running in minutes.

See Why Our Customers Love Us

"We’ve recently switched from Asana to Workast for a number of reasons. To begin with, it's a lot more cost-effective for us. Secondly, we’ve been using Slack for ages now and so, for me, it was a logical decision to move to Slack’s own project management system. I love the fact that the tool easily integrates into our workflows for a seamless experience.

Right now, finding tools that aid us while working remotely is super important so I’m always on the lookout for new ones. For me, Workast is a really affordable, user-friendly tool for getting your project management organized .”

- Jack Zmudzinski, a Senior Associate at Future Processing

switching from kyber to workast

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See why users are choosing Workast over Asana in herds, and step up your project management solution. Your team will thank you.

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