Your Ultimate Beginner-friendly Guide to a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

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Everyone will agree that watching a ten-minute video is way more interesting than reading ten pages. This is why a solid video marketing strategy is crucial for your business. Videos have a better engagement rate and can simplify complex topics.  But how do you implement a successful video marketing strategy? 

If you are a small business in your early stages, implementation is a big problem. It can be difficult to produce videos that will engage your audience and entice them to buy your products and services. Therefore, in this stage, professional help becomes very crucial. Professionals will take you through a video production brief and guide you to produce compelling videos to enhance your marketing strategy. But before you hire professional help, you must have an idea of how to get started on your video marketing strategy. The following is your ultimate beginner-friendly guide to successful video production: 

1. Figure out Where your Target Audience Spends the Most Time: 

The first step towards producing great quality marketing videos is identifying the platform where your target audience spends most of their time. For instance, it could be Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other popular social media platform. If you are a new business and haven’t built a strong buyer persona, you must begin with this step to identify the platform you want to target. 

2. Understand the Goals you Want to Accomplish with your Videos:

You must have a tangible goal/goals attached to your video marketing strategy. Having a goal will help you move in a set direction and measure the success of your campaign. Your goal could be to improve brand awareness, increase conversions, expand your email list, and much more. Moreover, make sure to discuss your goals with a professional video production team to help develop ideas in accordance with your vision.  

3. Decide on the Type of Video you Want to Make: 

The type of video you produce will make or break your campaign. There are numerous types of videos that you can produce for your business, starting from demo videos and expert videos to product reviews and much more. If you want your marketing campaign to work, you must understand which videos work best among your target audience. This is where the role of a professional video production company becomes extremely crucial. These professionals guide you on how a particular video will impact your business and strategies the video content accordingly. 

4. Set a Budget and Timeline for your Videos:

The quality of every video, no matter how long or short it is, relies on the expertise of your video production team. Therefore, set your budget wisely to ensure you are not compromising quality. Moreover, if you have just launched a new product or service, you must know the timeline of when you need to release your videos. For instance, a product teaser video before launch will create buzz around the product. On the other hand, a demo video just after launching the product will help solve confusion among the customers. 

5. Measure your Video’s Performance:

If you thought your job was done after releasing your video, you are wrong! You need to measure the success of your videos to understand how they are performing. The importance of this final step can’t be emphasized enough because the entire future course of action depends on it. The following are some of the indicators that help measure the success of a video:

Total number of views

Engagement rate

Social media shares

Feedback and comments 


Having a robust video marketing strategy for your business is crucial if you want to get your money’s worth. The entire journey of video production is more than just producing videos and publishing them on a platform. It is about strategically releasing them on different platforms at the right time to ensure they hold the interest of your target audience. This is where a video production company comes into play. They provide guidance on how you can proceed with your videos and ensure your videos generate tangible results.

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