Bitbucket + Workast

Connect your Bitbucket repositories with Workast tasks and have all the information in one place.

Pull requests into tasks

Deliver quality code by pulling in your requests into tasks. With our Bitbucket extension, you'll be able to easily see all relevant information in the task and quickly move forward. By integrating your Bitbucket cloud with Slack + Workast, you can easily see the branch, who opened the PR, whether it was merged, as well as the person assigned to it.

Get more visibility

Once you attach a PR to a task, we will keep the status, reviewers, and branch name in sync, so when anyone in your team checks out the task they know the status without having to click around. This is great to bring visibility to project and product managers regarding the progress of your work.

Prioritize what's important

Using our Bitbucket integration, we suggest the most recent Pull Requests that have been worked on, making it easy to find and select the PR's you need.

Learn more about the Bitbucket extension in our help center.

Make teamwork a breeze

Install Workast to your Slack workspace and start organizing your teamwork today.