Slack + Workast

The best project management tool for #Slack. Easily create tasks, assign tasks to team members, and set due dates while chatting to your team.
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Slack agrees - we're essential

Our Slack extension is listed in the Slack app directory as an "essential tool" for Slack users for the best project management solution integration. And here's why.

Onboard in less than 3 minutes with our Slack Extension

Workast connects directly with your Slack workspace account so you can get your team up and running instantly. No need to sign-up for another software with our seamless integration with Slack.

Easily create tasks with a click of a button

Extract action items in each Slack conversation with the quick creation of a task through the click of a button or by using the /todo command.

Update tasks without leaving your conversation

Add more information to a task, edit the description, add a comment, assign a team member or set a due date directly from the Slack app so team members know exactly what needs to be done.

All your tasks in one place

Easily view outstanding work that needs to be completed by bringing up the Workast list in a Slack channel.

Never miss an update with smart notifications

Get notified when tasks are due, when you are assigned a task, or if a task you are following has been updated through smart notifications, and take action without leaving your Slack workflow.

Make teamwork a breeze

Install Workast to your Slack workspace and start organizing your teamwork today.