Zapier + Workast

Connect Workast with over 2000+ different applications with Zapier.
Zapier extension

Work comes from all different applications, and Zapier has made it easy to create tasks in Workast using zaps. Zapier has integrations with over 2,000+ different applications so that when you connect Zapier + Workast together, you can customize Workast to suit your needs and never miss a task again.

Here are a few examples of zaps you can create with Zapier and Workast. Try it out today.

Create a task from Google Form Responses

Collecting responses from customers just got easier with Zapier. Connect Workast to Google Forms using the Zapier integration and automatically create a new task for every response received in a Google Forms so you never miss out on an action item. Assign the task to a team member and set a due date to ensure your customers are always taken care of.

Set up a Space for new GitHub Issues

Use Zapier to connect GitHub to Workast to automatically create a new task when a new issue is created to continue the workflow within Development. Zaps can be customized with many supported triggers within GitHub.

Close the sales funnel loop with HubSpot

Keep track of action items by connecting HubSpot with Workast using Zapier. Create a new task every time a new contact is created in HubSpot or a form submission is received by a customer. Ensure that tasks are not missed within the sales funnel by assigning tasks to your team members. With Workast, resource management is simplified.

Create Workast tasks from new or updated Google Sheets rows

Do you love working on Google Sheets but find it hard to keep track of tasks that need to be done? Use Zapier to connect Google Sheets to Workast so you can create a new task every time a new row is created or updated in Google Sheets. Work management made easy!

Create task in Workast when new invoice in QuickBooks Online

Simplify your accounting process by using Zapier to connect Workast to your Quickbooks account. Every time a new invoice is received in Quickbooks, it can automatically create a task in Workast to review the invoice and approve it.

Create task in Workast when a new lead is created in Intercom

Manage the sales cycle better by connecting Workast to Intercom through the Zapier integration. Each time a new lead is added into Intercom, you can create a new Workast task to start the sales process. Never miss a step or the chance to win a customer with Workast and Intercom.

Create Workast tasks from new a Google Doc

Use the Zapier integration to connect Workast with Google Docs so that every time a new Google Doc is created in a specific folder, a new Workast task is created. Use this Zapier integration to ensure that new documents are reviewed by a team member and for greater quality control within the business.

Create task in Workast when new order is received in Shopify

There are many moving parts when running an eCommerce store. Connect Workast to Shopify using the Zapier integration to automatically create a new task every time a new order is received. The team member does not need to have access to Shopify as Workast can create a list of tasks for each new order to be fulfilled.

Learn more about using Zapier in our help center.

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