Creating a task from a Slack message


Mouse over to the right of the text, then click on the 3 horizontal dots ("more actions") button.


Select "Create a Task".


A dialogue box will appear, allowing you to create a task. The Slack message will be the default task title but can be edited.


The task will be set to be created in the same channel/space but you can change the space at the top by clicking on the arrow next to the space/channel name. Adjust the list if needed the same way.


You can also add a description, assign the task to team members, and add a due date as applicable. Click on the drop-down menus to add assignees and due dates.


Click "Create" to create the task. (To cancel the task creation, select "Close").

The task will then be created. The standard drop-down message menu is available under the task creation message if you need to edit the task.

Creating a task from a Slack message

 To learn more about using Workast in Slack, click here.

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