How to create a list or column

Lists and columns are used to create sections in a Space. They are one and the same, just a different view. A list becomes a column in the board view.

A list can reflect the status of a task such as: High Priority - In Progress - Blocked

A list can also be specific to the team or project such as: New Lead - Contacted - Won - Lost

To create a new list

To create a list in a Space, follow the instructions below.


In Workast, select the space where you want to create the list.


Scroll to the bottom of the list, where you will see an option to create a list.


Type the name of your new list, then hit enter to finish.

How to create a list or column

To create a new column


In the board view, scroll to the right until you come to the last column. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of your page to see the horizontal scroll bar.


In the top right-hand corner of your board, to the right of the completed column, you will see "Create a new list". Type your new list/column name there, and hit enter to save and create your column.

How to create a list or column 2

To learn how to edit or move a list, click here.

To learn how to delete a list, or set a list as default, click here.

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