How to create a private space - by invite only

When creating a Space, you have the option to decide who can join this space. There are two options of who can join a Space:

Anyone in the team

By invite only

This article will show how to create a Space which can only be accessed "by invite only"


Click on the + button next to 'Spaces' on the left hand sidebar. The Space creation dialogue will open.


Type in the name of your new private space. 


Under Invite others, choose the team members you want to invite to this space. 


Under the Privacy section, choose "Only those invited can join this space". This will ensure that only the team members you choose, can join this space.


Click on "Create space". 

How to create a private space

This will create the space with only the team members you have chosen. The space will be private and only visible to the participants. 

To add new participants to the space, you can follow these directions.

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