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Workast is a task management platform where you can create tasks for you and your team members. Tasks are the main component in Workast which helps you to track work, manage daily to-dos and run projects. Workast is unique as it connects directly to Slack so you can create tasks when you are in a Slack channel. Learn more about Workast here. 

A task can then be broken down into smaller tasks which is called a subtask. A subtask adds the flexibility of showing smaller or related steps within a larger task. *

To create a subtask


Open the task that needs a subtask


Click on the subtask icon in the top panel. If the task already has subtasks, you'll have an option to click +Create a new subtask under the existing subtasks as well.


The subtask panel will open in the task. 


Type the subtask title in the Task Summary and press "enter"

How to create a subtask bis

To assign the subtask during task creation, click on the people icon or hit tab and select the user(s). To add a due date during task creation, either type the due date in the task title or click on the calendar icon. Hit enter to save the subtask.

To close the subtask creation panel, click on the subtask icon in the top panel.

To edit or customize the subtask, click on the subtask to open the subtask panel. You can learn more about editing or customizing subtasks here.

Please note that subtasks cannot be recurring, nor can they be dependencies. When multiple subtasks are needed, simply create them all from the original task.

* Subtasks are a feature available with some Workast plans.  For more information on our various plans, click here.

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