How to create a Workast Space in Slack

Workast + Slack go together like peanut butter and jelly. With Workast, you can create tasks directly through Slack. Listed as an "Essential App" in the Slack marketplace itself, and with a free version, Workast is the easiest way to manage your projects with Slack.

A Workast "Space" is where your tasks live. It can be a project, event, customer, team, department and so on. 

Spaces can be connected to a:

Workast follows the same privacy settings as Slack. If the Slack channel is public, the Workast Space will be public. If the Slack channel is private, the Workast Space will be private. 

How to create a Space in Slack Channel

To create a Space in Slack, simply click on the Slack channel you wish to create a Space in.


Type /todo and press enter


You will be presented with two options: To connect the Slack channel to an existing Space in Workast or to create a new Space in Workast 


Choose "Create new Space" to create a new Space in Workast.


Enter the name of the Space.


Click "Create".

The Space is now created

create space in slack

* Space and task creation in private channels and group direct messages is a Premium (paid) feature. Click here to learn about our various plans and features.

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