How to export your tasks (JSON file)

You can request a file export of tasks that you have created once every 24 hours. The JSON export will include removed tasks, attachments, and task comments.

To request a file export:

Click on your name in the top left-hand corner Workast web app.

Select "Preferences", which will open your preferences page.

Setting your time and date preferences

Scroll down to "Download My Data". Click on the blue "Send me my data" button.

You will receive a dialogue stating that a report is being generated and that it will be emailed. 

An email will be sent shortly (generally within 10 minutes) with a link to your file export. The link is only valid for 6 hours from the time the file export request was made, so we suggest that you save the file export immediately.  

How to export your tasks (JSON file)

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