How to set custom task reminders for yourself and your team*

Workast + Slack go together like peanut butter and jelly. With Workast, you can create tasks directly through Slack. Listed as an "Essential App" in the Slack marketplace itself, and with a free version, Workast is the easiest way to manage your projects with Slack.

Are there tasks that you want to be reminded about at specific times?  Or do you want to send a reminder out to your entire team about items that need to be followed up on?  You can now do so using our reminder function.

Setting task reminders

Create a report* of the tasks that you want to be reminded about. Remember that you can narrow your search results by using keywords and/or multiple parameters if you only want to be reminded about one specific task.  

*Reports and reminders are part of Workast Premium (paid) features. To learn about our various plans, click here


Click on the reminder icon (clock) in the top right-hand corner of the report.

reminder 1

The reminder customization panel will open.  

reminder 2

Select the day(s) of the week that you'd like the reminder by clicking on the box.


Click on the arrow key under the Time heading to scroll and select a time of day for your reminder.


Click "Save" to save your reminder.  

reminder 3

If you send a copy of your report to a team member, they will receive the reminder as well.  

To add a team member to your report, click on the people icon at the top of the search, then search for their name. Click on their name and then "Save" to share the search. Click here to learn more about shared reports.

reminder 4

Receiving your reminder

At the specified time, you'll receive the reminder of your tasks as a Slack notification in your Workast channel.

If another user sends you a reminder, you'll see who sent it in the reminder.

Please note - At this time, reminders sent to other users do not include the Open in Workast link and are limited to a 20 task view.  

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