How to setup report notifications

Are there tasks that you want to be reminded about at specific times?  Or do you want to send a report out to your team about items that need to be followed up on?  You can now do so using our report notifications function. For example:

Every Friday, share a report with your team with the tasks completed last week

Receive a report with the tasks due for the week every Monday

Receive a report if there are any tasks overdue

Creating and sharing a report

The first step is to create a report with the tasks you want to be notified about. We have a step by step guide on how to create a report here. If you want other people in your team to receive the report notification, you will need share the report with them

share report

Setting up the recurring notification


Click on the reminder icon (bell) in the top right-hand corner of the report. The reminder customization panel will open.  

reminder 1

Select the day(s) of the week that you'd like the reminder by clicking on the box.


Click on the arrow key under the Time heading to scroll and select a time of day for your reminder.


Click "Save" to save your reminder.  

reminder 3

To add a team member to your report, click on the people icon at the top of the search, then search for their name. Click on their name and then "Save" to share the search. Click here to learn more about shared reports.

At the specified time, you'll receive the reminder of your tasks as a Slack notification in your Workast channel.

Please note that the notification will include up to 20 tasks.

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