How to upgrade or change your Workast plan

Workast has a number of paid options and features - for information on the different plans and pricing, please see our pricing page. The per user per month pricing is available for teams greater than 25 users.

For teams under 25 users, there is flat rate pricing. This pricing is for smaller businesses and is the minimum amount you can pay to use Workast.

To upgrade your team when on a trial

If you have started a trial, please follow the instructions below:

Login to the Workast web app.

Click on any of the upgrade buttons. 


The pricing page with the different plans will appear. Scroll down to see plan details. Click the green "Upgrade now" button at the bottom of your chosen plan.  

You have the option to pay monthly or opt for annual billing for a reduced per-user cost. 

upgrade or change

Scroll down to see the differences between the various plans.

Next, choose annual or monthly billing, then click "Add billing details."

Complete billing details then complete transaction to upgrade.

Interested in our Enterprise plan? Click on the "Contact us" button to be connected to our Premium team or click here. You can also request a demo here.

Choosing your team if you're upgrading to the Professional plan

Once you've chosen your plan type and clicked on "Upgrade", you'll need to confirm with your team if you've chosen the Professional plan. You can choose to upgrade your whole team currently using Workast, only your department, or only certain team members. (The Standard plan which is a more basic plan only allows the option to upgrade your whole Workast team.)

upgrade or change 1

Choose the top option to upgrade the whole team.

If you want to pick only your department or specific users, select "Upgrade a subset of users (department.)"   If you don't have a department name already, you'll be asked to add one.

You can then pick people to have on your team.  If you want to remove users, click on the X to the right of their name.  If you want to add users from your Slack team, search for their names at the bottom of the user list, click on their name, then click on "Add user" to add the user to your team.

upgrade or change 2

Choosing your payment plan and completing your upgrade

Choose between being billed annually which has a reduced per-user monthly cost, or monthly.  

upgrade or change 3

Did you know? Any account changes are reflected on a pro-rated basis. So if more team members join or leave your team, those charges or reductions are pro-rated.

Once you've chosen your payment plan, click "Add billing details"

Enter your billing details and credit card information. Please note that fields indicated by an * are required. (Province or county may be entered in the State field).

Credit card expiry dates are entered as the month and year in the format MM/YY.

Confirm your information, and click "Place Order" to complete your upgrade. The credit card provided will be billed for the amount listed next to "You pay now" immediately.  

Congratulations! You've just upgraded to Workast Premium. As you've upgraded your team, you will be an admin for your team, even if you weren't before.  

If you have any questions about upgrading your team, you can chat with our sales team by clicking on the chat button in the lower right-hand corner of the upgrade page and leaving your email address and your question. You can also contact us here anytime or book a demo here.

How to cancel your paid subscription


Login to the Workast web app.


Click on Team on the left sidebar


At the top of the page click on Manage subscription


Then click on Cancel plan. Your plan will cancel at the end of the billing cycle. There is no refunds.

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