My current tasks (How to set a priority or favorite task)

Adding tasks to "my current tasks" is an easy way to indicate your priority tasks or that tasks that you will be working on next. Tasks that you add to your current tasks will appear on your Home page in the web app.

To add a task to your current tasks:


Click on the task in the web app to expand it.


Click on the star icon at the top of the task.

My current tasks

The task will then be added to your Home screen.

My current tasks 2

To remove a task from your current tasks, mouse over the task in your home screen, then click on the star icon. This will remove the task from your current task listing, but will not complete or delete the task.

To complete a task in your home screen/current tasks, mouse over the task and click on the check mark. You can take further actions by clicking on the ellipses (three dots).

My current tasks 3

Click here to learn more about the home page. 

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