Setting your time and date preferences

To set your Workast date and time preferences:


Click on your name in the top left-hand corner of the Workast web app.


Select "Preferences" - this will open a new tab with your user preferences screen.


By clicking on the "Date and Time" heading, you will be able to adjust the following settings:

Timezone - Date format - Time format - Start of the week

date & time

Click on the arrow next to the setting you want to adjust.


Click on the desired option, then click on "Save changes"


A confirmation will appear that your setting has successfully been updated.

confirmation message

After completing your preference changes, you can close the tab.

Please note - adjusting the start of the week setting to Monday will adjust the calendar when you are setting a due date for a task, but will not amend the main calendar appearance, nor the appearance of the calendar view in spaces.

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