Tasks/Events with Time Durations - How to add a start and end/due time to a task

Sometimes, there's a set time period in which work needs to be completed. Tasks are also great when used for meetings or events, especially when used with our calendar integration. Here's a quick guide on creating tasks or events with a start time, as well as a due/end time:


Click on the due date panel in the web app. This can be during task creation, or after the task is created in the quick views either in the list or board views or in the task details screen. You can see an example of the different ways to open the due date panel for existing tasks here:

Events with Time Durations

Choose your due date for the task, and due time if desired.  


Click on "+Start date". 


Add the start date and time in the same way that you'd add a due date. The start date and time must be before the due time, and a start time is required. Click "Save" to confirm.

tasks events with time duration 2

The task will appear in your calendar, showing the full duration of the task.  

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