The Timeline View

With the timeline view, you get a full picture of how all the tasks in your project fit together to help you hit your deadlines. Any task with a due date will automatically appear in your timeline.

The timeline view is part of our Professional Plan

Adding tasks to the timeline

You can create new tasks directly from the timeline. Using your mouse, you can click and draw the area where you would like to place the new task. After that, a modal will open where you can complete the rest of the details of the task.


You can also add to the timeline existing tasks from your space. When the modal opens to create a task, click the button "Select a task" in the new modal, you can search for a task from your space. Keep in mind that the task needs to be pending and don't have a due date.

timeline 1

Updating tasks

You can click on a task card and drag it to any part of the timeline to update the due date. You can also expand the card to update the start date or due date of the task. To open the task panel and update the description, comments, etc you need to double click on a task.

timeline 2

Creating dependencies

Subtasks are linked to their parent task by a grey line. A blue line between two tasks identifies a dependency between both tasks. To create a dependency, you need to click on the circle at the right edge of a task card and drag the line to the left side of another task. To remove a dependency, double-click on the connector. You can't create dependencies between a task and a subtask. 

timeline 3

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