What are daily reminders and how do they work?

Daily reminders are tasks that are assigned to you or that you are following that are due today or overdue. You can add the options of being reminded of tasks that:

You assigned to others.

Are due in the future.

Stop or customize daily reminders by clicking the link in the reminder message which says "Customize".

This message is received via Workast through a direct message on Slack.

What are daily reminders and how do they work

To customize your daily reminders when you have not received a daily reminder yet, click on your name in the upper left-hand corner of the Workast web application, and select "Preferences".

How to customize Workast notifications and daily reminders in Slack 3

How to turn daily reminders on or off

At the bottom of the daily reminders section, you can find a setting - "Send via Slack". When the switch is on and blue, daily reminders are on. When the switch is off and grey/white, daily reminders are off. Slide the switch to turn daily reminders on or off.

What are daily reminders and how do they work 2

How to customize and create a daily reminder

Days - The days of the week highlighted in red indicate which days of the week you will receive your daily reminders. S M T W T  F S represents the days of the week. i.e Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. To toggle the day on or off, just click on the initial.

Time of the day - The time you receive your reminders. Click on the arrow and scroll up or down to adjust the time. You can double-check your timezone setting at the top of the settings page.

Include tasks assigned to others - when the switch is to the right and shown in red, this option is turn on

Include tasks due in the future - Click on the arrow to adjust the tasks that you are reminded about. You can choose to be reminded about tasks due between 1-7 days in the future. If you only want to be reminded about tasks due that day or overdue, select "Never".

Please note - Daily reminder task lists are limited to approximately 25 tasks.

Click here to learn how to customize or turn off your task notifications.

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