How to get to the Workast Web Application

There are various ways to visit the Workast web application:

  • Slack: Clicking on the task link
  • Slack: Using the "Open in Workast" button after the /todo list command
  • Slack: Clicking the "Login to Workast" button after using the /todo help command

Accessing Workast from the task link in Slack

The task summary (title/name) of a task is clickable, and will take you to the Workast web app.

Click any of the links to open the task details page in Workast.

Accessing Workast from a /todo list

To see the to-do list for the channel / space type: /todo list.

There is a link to Workast when the list is shown (as well as all of the task summaries being clickable.)

Accessing Workast using the /todo help command

You can type /todo help in any conversation or channel and you will see a link to Workast.

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