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Manage and track your contacts and deals in one place

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Our Basic CRM template is a comprehensive tool designed to help users efficiently manage and track their contacts and deals in a single place. With dedicated lists for new and won deals, customizable fields for stage, priority, close probability, and value, as well as tags for urgent and important tasks, this template ensures a streamlined sales process.

Benefits of the template


Centralizes contacts and deals in one place, eliminating the need for scattered information across multiple platforms.


Allows you to focus on high-value deals and essential activities.


Enhances collaboration with your team, enabling seamless communication and collaboration on deals.


Utilizes the close probability field to estimate the likelihood of winning a deal, aiding in accurate sales forecasting.


Leverages customizable fields and lists to gather valuable insights, enabling informed decision-making.

Who is this template for

The template is suitable for sales professionals, business owners, or anyone involved in managing contacts and deals.

How to use the template


Rename or create additional lists to align with your needs, such as "In Progress" or "Lost Deals."


Add contacts, including their company name, contact details, and relevant notes. Provide deal names, associated contacts, and any pertinent information for deals.


Assign appropriate stages (Lead, Negotiation, Won), priorities (Low, Medium, High), close probabilities, and values to each deal.


Use the "Urgent" or "Important" tasks to prioritize and categorize them accordingly.


New deals: Add new deals to this list, specifying the deal name, associated company or contact, and any relevant details. Update the stage, priority, close probability, and value fields as the deal progresses.

Won deals: Move deals from the "New deals" list to the "Won deals" list upon successfully closing them. Update the relevant fields to reflect the final stage, priority, close probability, and value.

Custom fields

Stage: Use the stage field to track the progress of each deal, categorizing them as Lead, Negotiation, or Won.

Priority: Assign a priority level (Low, Medium, High) to each deal based on its importance or urgency.

Close Probability: Estimate the likelihood of winning a deal by assigning a percentage value to reflect the probability.

Value: Indicate the monetary value or estimated worth of each deal.


Urgent: Apply the "Urgent" tag to tasks or deals that require immediate attention or action.

Important: The "Important" tag highlights tasks or deals with significant value or strategic importance.

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