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Plan and manage any internal event at your organization from start to finish

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Our cross-company event template provides a comprehensive framework to plan and manage internal events within your organization, ensuring smooth execution from start to finish. It includes pre-planning tasks, a kickoff meeting agenda, session topics, engagement strategies, and a feedback form.

Benefits of the template


Streamlined planning: The template offers a structured approach to organizing internal events, saving time and effort.


Consistent event management: With predefined sections and tasks, the template ensures a consistent and professional approach across different events.


Increased productivity: The template's focus on maximizing productivity, minimizing burnout, and fostering effective teamwork helps employees perform at their best.


Improved communication: The sessions and engagement strategies in the template promote better communication and relationship-building among team members.


Valuable feedback: The inclusion of a feedback form enables continuous improvement by gathering insights and suggestions from participants.

Who is this template for

This template is suitable for event planners, HR professionals, team leads, or anyone responsible for organizing internal events within an organization.

How to use the template


Use the pre-planning list to outline essential tasks such as setting objectives, determining the target audience, and establishing a budget.


Utilize the provided agenda for a kickoff meeting, discussing event goals and logistics and assigning responsibilities.


Plan and organize the sessions based on the given topics, ensuring they align with the objectives of the event and the needs of your audience.


Implement the engagement strategies listed in the template to keep participants involved and create a vibrant event atmosphere. Use the feedback form to collect valuable insights from attendees.


Pre-planning: Tick off completed tasks, update the status field as needed, and use tags like "event prep" to categorize specific items.

Sessions: Customize the session topics and add relevant details or resources. Use tags like "session topic" to categorize different session types.

Engagement: Implement the engagement strategies listed or add your own. Track progress and mark completed actions in the status field.

Custom fields

Department: Assign the relevant department (e.g., HR, Finance, Marketing) to each task or section to indicate ownership or involvement.

Status: Update the status field of each task based on its progress (upcoming, pending, overdue, not started, active, canceled).


Event Prep: Use this tag to categorize tasks or items related to event preparation.

Session Topic: Use this tag to categorize different session topics or themes.

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