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Our Event Management template aims to create a comprehensive guide that helps effortlessly bring events to life. The template includes lists and tasks related to the event site, rental fees, permits, promotion and advertising, invitations, banners, entertainment, on-site transportation, printing, parking, and audio/visual.

Benefits of the template


Streamlines the event planning process, saving time and effort.


Provides a transparent and centralized platform for gathering and managing event-related information.


Improves communication and collaboration among team members and stakeholders.


Helps to prioritize tasks based on urgency, department, and budget.


Helps to track expenses and stay within the allocated budget.

Who is the template for

The Event Management template is for anyone planning and organizing events, such as event managers, coordinators, or planners.

How to use the template


Customize the fields by adding relevant event information such as event date, venue, expected attendees, etc.


Add tasks to the appropriate sections, such as Event Site, Promotion and Advertising, Entertainment, On-Site Transportation, Printing, Parking, and Audio/Visual.


Use the custom fields to track the progress of each task, assign team members, and set deadlines.


Categorize each task by adding custom tags like evaluation, negotiation, and confirmation.


Track expenses and ensure that tasks stay within the allocated budget.


Review and update the template regularly to stay on top of event-related tasks and ensure the event's success.


Event Site: Use this list to track event site-related tasks, such as venue selection, rental fees, and permits.

Promotion and Advertising: Use this list to track promotion and advertising-related tasks, such as promotional materials creation and media outreach.

Entertainment: Use this list to track entertainment-related tasks, such as speaker selection, singer selection, and other performers.

On-Site Transportation: Use this list to track on-site transportation-related tasks, such as van rental, golf cart rental, and shuttle service.

Printing: Use this list to track printing-related tasks, such as menu/map/card printing and certificate printing.

Parking: Use this list to track parking-related tasks, such as valet area management and shuttle service.

Audio/Visual: Use this list to track audio/visual-related tasks, such as projector and sound system setups.

Custom Fields

Status: Use this field to track the status of each task, such as upcoming, pending, overdue, not started, active, or canceled.

Priority: Use this field to prioritize each task based on its importance or urgency, such as low, medium, or high.

Budget: Use this field to track the allocated budget for each task and ensure that expenses stay within the budget.

Custom Tags

Evaluation: Use this tag to categorize tasks related to evaluating options, such as venue evaluation and entertainment evaluation.

Negotiation: Use this tag to categorize tasks related to negotiation, such as rental fee negotiation and vendor negotiation.

Confirmation: Use this tag to categorize proof-related tasks, such as venue confirmation and performer confirmation.

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