HR Requests

Manage vacations requests, initiate a department move or handle employee termination.

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Our HR Requests template is designed to streamline and manage various HR-related tasks such as vacation requests, initiating department moves, and handling employee termination. It includes lists and tasks to help HR professionals stay organized and effectively manage these processes.

Benefits of the Template


Efficiency: The template helps HR professionals save time by providing a structured format to manage and track HR requests, reducing the need for manual organization and follow-ups.


Organization: With predefined lists and tasks, the template ensures that HR requests are systematically categorized, making it easy to prioritize and address them.


Collaboration: The template promotes collaboration among HR team members by providing a centralized location to access and update HR requests, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Accountability: The template allows for a clear assignment of tasks and responsibilities, ensuring that each HR request is properly handled and progress is tracked.


Scalability: As the template can be customized and expanded based on specific needs, it is adaptable to various HR processes and can accommodate changes as the organization grows.

Who is the Template for

This template is designed for HR professionals or teams responsible for managing HR-related requests within an organization.

How to Use the Template


Create a new request: When receiving a new HR request, use the "Open requests" list to add a new task.


Assign priority and tags: Set the priority level of the request using the custom field "Priority" (low, medium, high). Additionally, use the tags "Important" and "Urgent" to further classify the request.


Move tasks between lists: As HR requests progress, drag and drop the task between the lists ("Open requests," "Working on it," and "Coming up") to reflect their current status.


Collaborate and update tasks: HR team members can collaborate on specific tasks by commenting on tasks, attaching relevant documents, or updating the task description as needed.


Open requests: This list contains all the incoming HR requests that must be addressed. Create a new task for each request and assign them priorities and tags.

Working on it: Move a task to this list when HR team members start working on a specific request. Update the status and progress of tasks as necessary.

Coming up: This list serves as a reminder for upcoming HR requests or tasks that need attention in the near future. Monitor this list regularly to stay proactive.

Custom Fields

Priority: Assign a priority level (low, medium, high) to each HR request by selecting the appropriate option in the custom field. This helps in prioritizing tasks and allocating resources accordingly.

Status: Update the status field of each task based on its progress (upcoming, pending, overdue, not started, active, canceled).


Important: Use the "Important" tag to highlight HR requests that have a significant impact or require immediate attention.

Urgent: Apply the "Urgent" tag to requests with critical time constraints or needing to be handled promptly. This helps in identifying and prioritizing time-sensitive tasks.

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