Legal Case Management

Manage and track case progress effortlessly, and collaborate with partners in real-time.

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Our Legal Case Management template is designed to manage efficiently and track case progress, enabling seamless collaboration with partners in real time. It offers organized lists, customizable fields, and tags to enhance workflow and ensure effective case management.

Benefits of the template


Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline case management processes, reduce manual efforts, and increase productivity with organized lists and customizable fields.


Improved Collaboration: Collaborate with partners in real-time, ensuring seamless communication, task delegation, and progress tracking.


Enhanced Organization: Maintain a structured approach to case management by categorizing tasks, tracking expenses, and scheduling meetings.


Time Management: Prioritize tasks with custom fields such as Priority and Status, enabling efficient time allocation and meeting deadlines.


Easy Tracking: Utilize tags like urgent and important to highlight critical tasks, ensuring they receive prompt attention and are not overlooked.

Who is the template for

The Legal Case Management template is designed for legal professionals, law firms, and legal departments seeking an efficient and streamlined approach to managing cases, collaborating with partners, and tracking progress.

How to use the template


Set up a new project or case by providing essential details such as case name, associated parties, and contact information.


Utilize the provided lists (Request by Form, Corporate, Litigation, General) to categorize tasks according to their nature.


Utilize custom fields (Client, Priority, Time Estimate, Status) to add relevant information to each task, allowing for better organization and tracking.


Assign tasks to associates, partners, or clients, enabling real-time collaboration and seamless delegation of responsibilities.


Apply tags like urgent and important to prioritize tasks, ensuring critical items are promptly addressed.


Request by Form: Use this list to track tasks related to processing requests received via forms. For example, verifying information and processing requests.

Corporate: Track corporate-related tasks such as drafting contracts and reviewing agreements within this list.

Litigation: Use this list to manage tasks specific to litigation cases, such as researching precedents and preparing arguments.

General: This list is for general tasks that don't fall under the other categories, such as scheduling meetings and tracking expenses.

Custom fields

Client: Fill in this field with relevant contact information to associate tasks with specific individuals involved in the case.

Priority: Assign a priority level (Low, Medium, High) to each task to determine its importance and urgency.

Time Estimate: Specify the estimated time required to complete each task, aiding in time management and resource allocation.

Status: Use the status field to track the progress of tasks, indicating whether they are upcoming, pending, overdue, not started, active, or canceled.


Urgent: Apply the "urgent" tag to tasks requiring immediate attention or tight deadlines.

Important: Use the "important" tag to highlight tasks of significant importance or criticality.

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