#1 - how I stay on top of client requests

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#1 - forms

Are you struggling with keeping track of all your client requests?

If you're constantly sifting through emails and notes to track requests, you're not alone. Client inquiries can come from anywhere—at any time, leading to missed opportunities and client dissatisfaction. 🥲

Why does this happen?

It's simple: many teams don’t use a unified system to manage these inputs efficiently. They rely on ad-hoc methods that can easily become overwhelming and unreliable.

I’ve experienced this chaos myself.

When Workast was just starting, we thought using multiple tools for different tasks would be sufficient. Soon, we realized that our data was everywhere but where we needed it most—at our fingertips for quick decision-making.

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Imagine a world where every client request is automatically organized and accessible. That’s what Workast's Forms can do for you.

Transform Your Workflow with Workast's Forms 👏

Here’s how they help:

Automatic Task Creation: Each form response becomes a task, directly assigned to the appropriate team member, complete with all the necessary details.

Immediate Notifications: Alerts via Slack ensure that no request goes unnoticed.

Seamless Tracking: Every request is trackable from initiation to completion, providing total transparency and improved accountability.

Real-life Situations You'll Recognize 👀

Gather sales leads or handle inquiries, set up a form like this one.

Collect client details, as demonstrated in this example.

Streamline Your Client Interactions Today! 🌟

Workast’s forms not only prevent the common pitfalls of manual request tracking but also enhance the overall responsiveness and efficiency of your team.


This email is #1 of our "Work Smarter, Not Harder" series, where we'll dive deep into simple yet powerful ways to enhance your workflow using tools you already know.

See you soon as we delve deeper into optimizing your operations!


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