7 Types of Forms You Can Create for Your Organization

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on June 04#product
Types of Polls you can create in Slack

Creating a survey, Form, or poll in Slack is easy with Workast! No matter what kind of data you are looking to collect, with our Forms extension, it's easy to quickly build Forms to collect the information you need. We've compiled a few different examples of ways your team can utilize Workast's Form integration to inspire you and your team.

Find the best time for a meeting or event

how to create a poll in Slack

If for some reason you are planning an event or meeting and don't have access to everyone else's calendar, save yourself some time by creating a quick Form to identify the best time for everyone attending.

Approval requests

Simple slack poll

For a lot of businesses, approval processes are built into many tasks and projects before proceeding. With Workast, you can quickly create an approval request form (and use it as a template) for any tasks that need approval before the next action is taken. Bonus points, you can assign these forms to individuals with due dates as well to make sure everything is completed in a timely manner.

Client intake Forms

get client info from form on slack

If you work with clients, you will often find yourself in need of requesting information from them. Creating client intake Forms also can have a public URL so you can easily share the link with your clients.

*Here's some more tips and tricks on how to use Forms to collect client information.

Sprint planning

plan for your sprint with a survey/form

If you use the agile method of project management, forms are a great way to get team input on priorities before your next sprint planning session. This helps ensure all team members are on board with the scope of work moving forward, and everyone on the team is heard as well. Once the team is on board with the plan, it's easier to just dive into your sprint cohesively.

Project check ins

If you need a quick check in with your team on a certain project, whether it's for a weekly or monthly meeting - quickly create a project check in Form! These project check in Forms can also be used as a template for any other type of project check in meeting you may have in the future. Here's an example:

Create weekly checkin in slack

Employee recognition

nominate employee of the month in slack

Looking for feedback for an individual team member? Or, would you like to highlight the employee of the month? Creating an employee recognition Form is easy! And you can send it to as many employees or team members as you'd like! Plus, this gives you an opportunity to get insights into what great work team members are doing that you might not know about.

Meeting new employees and team-building

gather employee information in Slack

As part of your onboarding templates for new hires, take it a step further and create an onboarding Form. Learn some fun facts about new employees, and share it with your next company wide meeting. Giving new people a chance to to talk about themselves, and current employees more information about the new team member so they have a better chance to connect. You can ask about experience, hobbies, or random fun-facts - but by incorporating on onboarding Form you can learn a lot about your team.

What creative ways has your team utilized Forms? What types of data are you capturing? We'd love to see and showcase how your team uses Forms! Send us a line or drop us a tweet to get your chance to be featured on our blog!

Who's in the office?

If you have a flex team, or partially remote team - sometimes it's difficult to know who's in the office and who isn't. Quickly create a poll that you can send daily (or as needed) to easily find out who's in the office and who isn't so the team knows who is in the office each day. A simple poll is all you need, something as simple as this, for example:

how to see whos in office through slack polls or surveys

Other examples of forms you could create:

Collect ideas for your next company team building activity

Get feedback on what the team wants to eat for the next catered event

Anonymously collect feedback

For more information for 1:1 meetings

& More!

For further reading:

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Here's to productivity wins!

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